Here is how Surti youth bring colors in life of students

Here is how Surti youth bring colors in life of students!

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Last Sunday, when rest of the world was busy passing the time with family and friends, this bunch of youngsters from Surat city did something unusual. Team of 14 volunteers gathered at an SMC school located in Varachha area of Surat and tried to make the walls alive by beautiful paintings. The team runs a small organization called Funstein. In association with Shri Gijubhai Badheka School No. 122, Funstein organized an event called Rangness, where they invited kids from various schools to come and paint the wall. Over 285 students joined Rangness and painted the walls of SMC school. These students made paintings on various themes, mostly on social awareness, such as save girls, save water, preserve forests and quit smoking. The event was followed by breakfast and distribution of certificates and goodies. Here are some of the photos from Rangness. Have a look.

Glimpse of Rangness

Apart from Rangness, this youth from Funstein goes to municipality schools every Sunday to teach over 100 kids on various topics such as music, dancing, art & craft, general knowledge and English. The group has been doing such activities every weekend since last six months without any monitory gain.

The Funsteiners

Shout out to the cool people who are trying to make a small difference in the society.

Bhumi Bhadiyadara, Mokshali Khokhani, Madhvi Rakholiya, Sonal Lakkad, Nikunj Bhadiyadara, Satyajeet Sarvaiya, Ankit Sheladiya, Dhaval Karkar, Neerav Italiya, Ankit Tank, Nisarg Shukla, Abhishek Pandya, Mehul Vadaliya, Keval Miyani, Akash Radadiya

Keep up the good work Funsteiners. We are proud of you.

You too can join this cool group to spread happiness in your free time. Check out their Facebook page Funstein for updates.

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