Here’s why I stopped sharing my political views on Social Media!

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Here's why I stopped sharing my political views on Social Media!

Putting your opinion forward is believed to be a good thing. And in deed it is. You are only valued in the society if you have a strong opinion. Be it negative or positive. You’ve got to have an opinion. But in the age of social media, sharing your opinion on a topic like politics will make your life only a mess, especially in a country like India, where everyone gets offended so easily.

I stopped sharing my views on politics couple of months ago as soon as realized that it had started spoiling my life. You share something on politics and those who contradict your views will reply to your post. And you will try to keep the conversation decent, but it will get dirty. You thought you would just post your view and move on with your work. But the conversation on your post will not stop. It will go on and on and on. There are several reasons why I stopped putting forward my political views. Listing few of them.

1. Waste of time

As I said earlier, it doesn’t stop just at posting your views. You’ve got to reply to those who contradicts your views. And the conversation will keep going until you give up or take down the post. All this will just waste your time.

2. Spoils your relations

Accept it. Discussions on politics over social media has caused you loss of few good people. We cannot keep discussions healthy. We end up fighting with each other over politics. And which ultimately causes loss of social media friends. It definitely affects our relations.

3. Spreads Hatred

You cannot criticize any politician or political party on social media. Or else those who support them will come forward with hate comments. Putting up negative views on politics will only bring hatred.

4. Harms your image

Ugly social media fights over political debates only harms your image. Even if you are supporting the right person or act, those discussions never remain decent. It will ultimately harm your image on social media.

5. Increases Negativity

Believe it or not! Posting political views very frequently increases negativity in your life. You will be constantly criticized. You will have to be prepared all the time to defend your views. I have also seen people threatening people, just because their views didn’t match with them.

So, stay out of all the negativity. Stop posting your political views every now and then; and make your life positive. Add your views in comments down below.

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Nishit Jariwala
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