Here is Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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History behind Valentine's Day

Every year, on a particular day in the month of February, all of a sudden people start feeling romantic! Especially the ones, who’re no-where close to being in a romantic relationship. In fact, Valentine’s day should be renamed as ‘Global Bravery Day for Singles’, looking at the amount of Singles trying to make this day a tad bit ‘normal’ by making it romantic. Guys with all their hopes and horns, try to ‘set’ their so-called-crushes. Lovey-dovey, hearts, roses, chocolates, selfies, red red everywhere- why? Why this day in particular? I would suggest 1st April as the new Valentine’s Day. At least in that case, if the girl rejects you in public, on your face, you can save some pride by saying ‘April Fool’!

So, people do say, ‘This day is celebrated in the memory of St. Valentine’. But who was this guy? And what did he do, to mark this day ‘Globally’ as the day of love? Well, people have their own set of theories to believe in:

Theory 1: Valentine was the shaanapandit

Saint Valentine - History of Valentines DaySome say, that there was a Kejriwal in the times of Romans, who went by the name of Claudius II. Claudius believed that single-men were more productive and useful (True that, look at all those engineers around! Being single and desperate whilst being an engineer is directly proportional to productivity!) for the army. Hence, he banned young men from getting married! Now, there was this gentleman by the name of Valentine, who was against the king and his stupid solutions. So, Valentine would help young couples secretly get married.

When Claudius was informed about this practice, he ordered for Valentine’s death. Thereby, Valentine’s death was marked for the celebration of the day of love.

Theory 2: Valentine was doing jail me khel

Some believe, that Valentine was once sent to prison. There, he had fallen for the jailor’s daughter; and then wrote history by writing world’s first love letter. The letter ended in ‘From Your Valentine’, a connotation, still used by many. Hence, this man’s ‘love’ efforts in the prison have made people mark this day in his memory as the ‘Valentine’s day’!

As per the Catholic records, there were three saints by the name of Valentine. Hence which one was responsible for this lovey-dovey, kuchi-puchi, guys-wallet-emptying, girls pouting, red red-hearts hearts everywhere, smileys, chocolates, wala day, is still not clear.

What people should think about is, we’ve 365 days in the year. And we chose one day, only one day to express love. They say, ‘An entire lifetime might be short, to express love at its full’. And we try doing it in a day. Ironic and Stupid, as the human race always has been!

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