Is India really Intolerant?

Is India really Intolerant?

Today our country has come to a point where the word intolerance is uttered with great caution. The moment one adds intolerance in his speech he finds himself in middle of a great battle where many stand with him for his rational thoughts and rest pouncing on him and labelling him as anti-national.

My concern prima facie is not the religious intolerance but the intolerant nature of people where no one is having the patience to give a silent thought on the opponent’s views. If we conclude both arguments one cannot deny our country’s culture of pluralism, Gandhianism, etc. Our history is a history of religious coexistence. In present day we have people of various caste, creed, culture, custom rallying around consensus. On such a scenario is India intolerant? Definitely NO!

But still we cannot overlook some incidents that happen around us. To begin with the beef ban. Beef or rather cow banned in Maharashtra is given many reason ranging from religious sentiments to animal protection. But the same political party doesn’t find any reason in Goa!

Such arguments never prevail as it immediately becomes anti BJP and pro Congress. But what about the one who stand neutral and supports no party. Don’t they have their space?

I remember last Christmas made a complete mess where a confused government themselves had no idea whether to go ahead with Christmas holidays or good governance day. Doesn’t that hurts and discriminate a particular religion.

Does overlooking the motive and playing a political blame game of congress ruled state give justice to Kalburgi and Dadri lynching?

As said earlier if India is tolerant then where is this happening? It can be summarised that India remains tolerant but some section are still to be addressed.

India can move ahead only if religion remains in church, mosque and temples and not in legislature and politics. State while making rules must favour spirituals and atheist. It would be better if state while making rules adhere to the general principles of coexistence rather referring to religious books which may put the controversial beef ban out of question. Contradicting views must be revered. Only then India will become the country we dream of.

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