Movie Review: Polam Pol

Movie Review Polam Pol

The film opens with Sanat Vyas’s play and director Tejas Padiaa’s small appearance in the film. Director of Polam Pol, Tejas arrives in the theatre as soon as the play of Sanat Vyas starts. He interrupts the play (by talking loudly), which leaves the audience laughing. The movie starts on a funny note, continues to amuse the audience till the end. The movie has some dull moments in between, but overall, it is surely going to entertain you.

Story of Polam Pol is predictable, not fresh. But dialogues and witty one-liners will entertain you for sure. Direction of the film by Tejas Padiaa is very good. And cinematography of the film is something I really liked. Locations, editing, background score of the film are beautiful. Overall it is a colorful movie.

Biggest plus point of the movie is its casting. Jimmit Trivedi as Duggi, Prem Gadhvi and Jayesh More as Bhikhulal and Mangilal respectively have given very good performances. Newly launched Ojas Raval has proved with his acting that he is here to stay. I am totally impressed with Jinal Belani. She sways the audience with her smile. Entire cast of the movie has given splendid performance. They all will be seen in Gujarati cinema very frequently, that is for sure!

Music of the movie is refreshing. The songs are written beautifully. You will instantly add all three songs to your playlist. Special mention for Sapnao Sacha Thashe song. It has already made the place in my favourites. Background score of the movie is good; could have been better.

The plot gets entertaining as it reaches to the end. The movie gives special message of women empowerment very subtly! And that is the best thing about Polam Pol. It sends very beautiful message while entertaining the audience. A big thumbs up for that.


Witty one-liners, excellent performances, very good direction & cinematography, impressive music, Polam Pol has it all. It is a perfect treat for all masala movie buffs. A complete family entertainer! Recommended from BuddyBits. Go for Polam Pol.

Nishit Jariwala
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