Neerja Review in Five Tweets!

Neerja Review in Five Tweets!

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One of the films that I wait for the most, Neerja finally hit the screens today. And as I was expecting, Neerja blew my mind. One of the rarest bollywood films which make us proud. Neerja is not a film, it is a journey of the brave-heart Neejra Bhanot. And what director Ram Madhvani and actor Sonam Kapoor have done with Neerja is sheer brilliance. Presenting review of Neerja in five tweets.

Neerja Review in five Tweets







Excellent direction, cinematography, brilliant performances and soothing music makes Neerja one of the finest films of bollywood. Go, watch and feel proud of Neerja Bhanot, the brave-heart and Neerja the film. Both are our gems. Strongly recommended from BuddyBits.

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