Ready to Mingle and Still Single? Here’s Why!

Ready to Mingle and Still Single Here’s Why

While no one openly admits to being desperate to find love, the truth is: we’d all be happier with a little more love in life. We see couples all around us, we see our best friends flirting with people and then dating them, and we wonder why it doesn’t happen to us. While we comfort ourselves with truths like “I’m not searching for my better half because I’m not a half” and “My prince charming got stuck in the way and is too stubborn to ask for directions”, the reality, as we know is a bit different. Here are the top 9 reasons why you’re ready, but still single:

1. You already have a crush who refuses to reciprocates your feelings.

Crush - Ready to Mingle and Still Single Here’s Why!

You’ve tried stalking. Mutual friends. Compliments. Changing yourself. But he/ she doesn’t seem to get the hint or rather ISN’T INTERESTED in you. Or have you not even dropped hints yet? What are you waiting for?

2. Your life is too busy revolving around you.


You might want to date and flirt a little, but ain’t nobody got time for that. A sign for this might be frequent cancelled/ rescheduled dates, refusing people who ask you out, or actually being on a date and wondering a thousand tasks you could’ve completed had you not been on it. You, my friend, are already in a serious committed relationship with your work who won’t let you see anybody else. Prioritise.

3. Fear of differences.

Rooting for you

So you meet him/ her, it seems nice, until you find out things that are different in them- and start freaking out at the thoughts of incompatibility. At this point, you need to take a deep breath and remind yourself that “opposites attract” is a very famous term and his/ her differences can be a wonderful and appealing thing if you just give it a chance.

4. Fear of getting hurt.

Got Hurt

So you’ve had this relationship in your past, where your partner hurt you. Badly. You can no longer trust some stranger with your feelings, and you’ve closed up to guard your emotions. Well, what if the right person is out there and is willing to understand you and help you, but is unable as you won’t take a chance? Chances are what leads to success- so if you’re serious about this, you have to confront the fear of being let down.

5. Too high Expectations.

High Expectations

No man is perfect-well, except David Beckham. And Ryan Gosling. And Zack Efron- well, you get the drift. And in women? Angelina Jolie is perfect. No buts there. But even seemingly perfect people have their flaws- as hard as it might be to believe. So if you have an ideal couple in mind and have set your standards- and if no person is matching up to that, maybe it’s time to reassess your priorities and let go of the few “must-have” s. Even your best friend who has the fairy tale boyfriend faces problems in her relationship. Even your parents aren’t perfect- they fight in their relationship too. It’s time to let go of finding the guy who ticks each and every box on your list.

6. You aren’t looking correctly.

Best Friend

We’ve read about it countless times in romance novels, where the perfect man/woman had been present right beside the protagonist all along, and he/she realises it in the end. Well, if that end was a new beginning, don’t you want your love tale to begin as soon as possible too? Look closer. Maybe your best friend is the one.

7. Now is not the right time.

Waiting for

As clichéd as it may sound, the right person is going to enter your life at the right moment, and not a second earlier, no matter how much you egg the process on. So if nothing else works, be patient, because they’re on their way, and meanwhile, stay away from casual flings and desperation.

8. You need something else.

Best Friend 2

Ask yourself: why are you looking to mingle? Is it because your best friend just got a girlfriend/boyfriend and you do not want to be the third wheel or worse, they want you to find someone so you can go on a double date with them? Is it because you’re simply bored with life and are looking for some entertainment? Or are you truly ready to fall for someone irrespective of the situation?

9. You’re simply too Awesome.

Barney High Five

Nothing works better than this: You have to admit that you are of a superhuman species, and that there is no one as AWESOME as you on the planet. You ROCK, my friend. Be proud of yourself.

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Ready to Mingle and Still Single? Here’s Why!

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