The Current Scenario of Higher Education in India

The Current Scenario of Higher Education in India

India Higher Education system sucks! (I tried hard to write rocks, but Autocorrect isn’t that dumb after all, it knows the reality!). So much has been said, sung, debated, filmed, ‘discussed’ on 9 bajewaala News Show, that I as resident of this country feel suffocated. But unlike others, I won’t say,”Boss, Iss desh ka kuchh nahi ho sakta!”. I disagree. We’ve to see, that Higher Education System has two dimensions (yes, its 2D, not 3D/ HD): the Customer and the Service Provider.

Customer is the youth. Our youth is so talented! (Reference: Facebook). We’ve creativity flowing in our veins. Cl me wn u rchhom, i m hngry, BYOB (Bring Your Own Books, a common abbreviation for ‘group studies’), and many others. Look at that, Creativity is going beyond the skies. Amidst this, we’ve thousands of students, wanting to become engineers. Thousands of engineers trying to become MBAs. Thousands of MBAs, becoming writers. Wow! It takes people 4 years of Engineering to realize, what they want to do with life, or what their ‘passion’ is. Our youth is ready to debate on Social Media about which istaar is d bst (Star, as in actor, is the best. For the not-so-“educated”!), but when it comes to debating on social issues and their solutions, we go for candle marches. Here’s the concept behind candle marches: you let the God know, “Boss, we’ve screwed up. Yet again. Abhi aap sambhaalo.”With a youth that ‘talented’, I say ”Bahaut kuchh ho sakta hai iss desh ka. Bahaut Kuchh.”. With increasing unemployment, crimes like rape, and corruption, you may know what I mean by ‘bahaut kuchh’.

After this, comes the system. Oh Sir, we’ve a gorgeous education system! You may score 99 percentile in your entrance exam, and yet, may not get an admission. And someone with half your score, or even lower, will be given the same seat on a platter, just because he/she belongs to SC/ST/OBC or some other category. Now you see its beauty? It’s not about how intelligent you’re, because your community should be the deciding factor of whether you get into a college or not. (These reservation criterion decided by the government are pretty baseless. It’s no more about how scarce, weak or backward your community is; instead, what scale of threatening protests can your community have.) So my suggestion would be, instead of studying for the exam, ask the community leaders whether they have enough of laathi and log to protest against the government, and get a reservation for you. If that’s not all, facilities like Management Quota, NRI Quota, Single Child, Double Child, Single Parent, Double Parent, idhar ka quota, udhar ka quota and god knows how many kinds of reservations you may have as a customer to get into an educational institution. So, if you’ve enough of Money/ Approach/ Community’s reservation capabilities, and less or no brains, life will still be a cake walk for you. What a beautiful system!

If you’re really really talented, and really really lucky, you may get an admission as well as a scholarship. Getting scholarships for quality students, ironically, are available in India. Admissions in quality institutions on the other hand, scarce.

Maximum of our talent pool is shifting to the developed economies. Every educational institution, irrespective of its quality of education or scale of reach or even region, is in dire need of quality teaching professionals. The courses are getting obsolete, day by day. Global rankings of our universities are not even worth to look at. Only IIT-D and IIT-B made it, that too in the lateral part. If you’re a service provider in this system, please buckle up and be honest to your profession. And if you’re a customer, well, best of luck.

[Factual Data Courtesy: Stunited]

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Shardul Makwe

Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?

Comments 2

  1. Hey Shardul…I just loved your writing style 🙂 You’ve captured the write points in a very hilarious manner..keep it up buddy!

  2. So rightly penned Shardul,
    Only the youth can change the scenario upside down.

    Please and stay back in your country
    to prove your skills.
    India is a growing place, you’ll get what you are dreaming for.

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