The Reality of Having a Guy Best Friend!

The Reality of Having a Guy Best Friend!

Every girl dreams of having a guy best friend- well, a gay guy best friend who is not only of the opposite sex but is also gorgeous and so supportive and just gets you and is fashionable and well-you get the drift. But straight guy friends are as awesome as well! Though, having guy best friends is not like what they show in the movie “Dostana”, but is also not like “The Hunger Games” series. Somewhere in between, the reality of having guy friends is not only awesome, but worth experiencing. Here are 11things you can connect to if you too have a guy best friend:

1. Girl Problems

As the designated girl best friend of a guy, you are bound to hear about the “special” girl whom your bestie has been admiring from afar but has not been able to talk to, till date. And when he does, you hear about each and every aspect of the evening, complete with descriptions of what she was wearing (yes, guys notice that) and how the meet progressed, with your expert analysis required at the end. Though you might be a single yourself, when it comes to dating, guys would still want your help.

2. His parents being close to you.

They know you’re not the girl who’ll ever break his heart, and rather is the girl who makes their son happy. When you go to his house, you’re welcomed with such warmth, you just love being there. Some girls even describe his family as their “second” family.

3. No, we aren’t dating!

“Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi bhi dost nahi ho sakte” Whoever said this dialogue, has probably not witnessed your platonic friendship. Yes, you both are super close. Yes, you both know all about each other. Yes, you are in a relationship. No, not a romantic one. Yes, you even say “I love you” to each other. But no, not in that sense… you know what? Forget it. They’ll never understand it because they haven’t found their opposite sex best friend yet.

4. Siblings

You may act like siblings, but no, you need not label yourselves as “siblings” if you don’t feel towards him that way- it’s okay to have a guy best friend and just that. Having a brother is a matter of pride and do not give that title to your guy best friend just because people are teasing you and you need to figure out “what” your relationship is- It is a friendship. Period.

5. You being friends with their girlfriends.

You love to discuss his secrets to embarrass him like you’re family. You patch their relationship up whenever they fight like children and refuse to talk to each other. You keep him away from those bitchy girls who flirt with him because you can recognise them. And like Lily and Robin in “How I met your Mother”, the friendship with your best friend’s girlfriend may last even beyond their relationship.

6. Guy Doubts

The ones they cannot ask their girlfriends or mother? You’re there. Their relationship advisor, more than that, you help them through their life by listening. And you gotta admit, they help you through your stuff too.

7. You being in sync with the “Guy stuff”

Yes, you’ve had that “Fast and Furious” marathon with them. Yes, you have heard all about the car stats and the technology statistics of the latest gadgets that they admire. And admit it, their favorite games are a lot cooler than what you play with your girlfriends.

8. “Could there be more?”

If he’s your only guy friend, then both of you must have entertained that question in-depth sometime. And no, sometimes there is just pure friendship, without any hidden implications. Sometimes there’s more.

9. Boyfriend-in-need

Admit it, we’ve all pretended they’re our boyfriends to ward off the unwanted advances of some “overfriendly” people. And it always works 😛

10. In-depth discussions about life

He’s the one you go to for all the practical solutions for your problems. You’re the one he comes to for decoding the complicated language of girls and also, when he just wants someone to listen. You could pretend that you’re lying in a garden with the sky full of stars above you, and discuss anything and everything under the sun.

11. Guy POV

Admit it, even we need help sometimes decoding the language of boys. They are too simple for us and sometimes even though it is staring at us in the face, we are unable to recognise the scenario. The guy best friend is the one who tells us to just “Give him time”, or that “He’s not just that into you” and it’s okay, or that “He’s a jerk”.

I’ve been very lucky to have 2 guy best friends in my life- we call ourselves “The Tripod”. And this article is for both of you, and all the opposite sex friends out there, who’ve known how wonderful it is to have what you do. Congratulations for that.

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