Top 10 Romantic Bollywood Songs for Valentines Day!

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Top 10 Romantic Bollywood Songs for Valentines Day!

So, the day of love making is again round the corner (its noteworthy how love-making and corner are so well related!), and the lovey-dovies, coochie-poochies, merajaanu-shona-baby-raja-pucchu-sweetu-babu-tinu (you may continue this geometric progression by adding any stupid word you like and modifying it to make it sound like it is being pronounced by the dumbest kid ever, with a giant Bihari paan in his mouth), lupids (love and stupid, get it?), and all sort of people from the same breed coming out between us humans, and spreading their cheesy-diabetes causing-sweet love in the atmosphere. But, Valentine’s Day is actually not about the lovers, as Diwali is not about the crackers. You celebrate Valentine by loving. (Diwali: your rocket hits the wrong person, you’re in trouble. Valentine: Your love-letter wala aero-plane hits the wrong person, you’re in trouble!).

So one melodious thing to do this Valentine, without burning a hole in your pocket would be, listening to some magnificent Bollywood music. Everyone knows, Bollywood has created the same script: people meet-fall in love-separate-fall in love again-the end (pretty much like AAP and Congress!), but in its journey so far has given some gorgeous music. Here are the 10 best ones:

10. Gulaabi aankhein, jo teri dekhi

Though imagining it may look scary (imagine: Pink eyes!), this is by far one of the most romantic songs ever. Atif Aslam’s acoustic version, is a cherry on the top.

9. Lag jaa gale, ke phir ye hasi raat ho na ho

This song does some amazing storytelling. A special recommendation: listen to the lyrics, and if those eyes feel heavy, let them flow.

8. Baharo phool barsaao, mera mehboob aya hai

Simply gorgeous!

7. Saawan barse, tarse dil

Ok, anything which reads ‘Hariharan’ and dates back to 90s, is WORTH listening.

6. Pal pal dil ke paas

Two words- Kishor Kumar. Story, ends in glory!

5. Gerua

Since more people can relate to it, only pushes it higher in the list.

4. Mere haath me, terahaath ho

The shayaris in the song are just soulful and will definitely give you some passionate goose-bumps.

3. Chaudhvin ka chaand ho, ya aftaab ho

If your girlfriend isn’t that much into old songs, this should be your next poetry to impress her for life!

2. Chalo dil daar chalo, chaand k paar chalo

Engaged-Complicated-Single-Not Interested- Career Oriented, whatever you are. This song can make you feel loved.

1. Kabhie kabhi mere dil me, Khayal aata hai

Nothing can compare it. Nothing, at all.

There’re a million other songs, not mentioned up there. But, hey, it’s not about the songs. It’s about the feeling they arouse in that little thing on the left part of your chest! (The Heart, in case, you’ve weird imagination.)

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