Top 10 Offbeat Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Top 10 Offbeat Valentine’s Day Ideas

On the 14th of February, there’re 2 kinds of people: those who have a valentine, and the others who want to have a valentine (honestly, you’ll find a third type who would state that they don’t have ‘time’ for such stuff. Truth is, they don’t have a ‘date’. Simple as that!) If you are the first type, or on the verge of a transition into the first type, Valentine’s day should be a part of cherished memories, in the future. To do that, here are some hatke ideas for your valentine:

1. Candle Light Dinner, Soft Music, Expensive Restaurant, Flowers k alawa kuchh bhi chalega:

Exactly! Go, sit on the road-side and have a pani-puri competition amongst you two. Let the loser do a dare of the winner’s choice. Honestly speaking, no-one loses!

2. Have a No-Lie day:

For some, this might be a day of surprise. For others, who end up having a break-up on this day after reading this, well, better luck next time! Try being more honest in your relationships!

3. Hijack your BFF’s dates:

Take your Valentine alongside, and crash your BFF’s date. Do the most annoying things to ruin theirs, and have fun with yours! And icing on the cake, before the bill comes on the table, Leave!

4. Go for a nice, long drive.

Reach in the middle of no-where and have a nice little cup of tea. The most important thing is- to talk. Have some nice time. You may not remember the soufflé you had at that expensive restaurant, but will definitely remember the nice little conversation you had on the high-way’s side in complete silence of the midnight or the evening.

5. Stay home. Cook. Watch some Shahrukh- Kajol movie.

Staying home lowers the expenses. Cooking together allows you both to spend some time with each other, know each other’s culinary skills and have some fun. A jail hui roti would taste heavenly, if that special someone is laughing at it! And Shahrukh-Kajol, will set the tone correctly for the day to brighten up!

6. Visit an Old Age Home or an orphanage, with your valentine.

So, you love each other. But, there’re some who’re just craving for love. How about, sharing a bite of your Love’s pie with them, maybe just for a day!

7. Teach each other something.

So you know, how to make exact golchappattis and he knows poetry. Great! Exchange your chef’s hat with his poet’s beret for a day! It would actually bring you closer, as you would be able to understand each other’s passion, more passionately!

8. Imitate each other’s behavior for a day.

So, she is very sweet, but diplomatic at the same time and he is very loving, but lazy- exchange your roles for a day! The other one decides to give you marks on your imitation, at the end of the day as you do the same.

9. Enact your first meeting.

Everyone cherishes that first meeting you had. The first smile. The first time you had a nice conversation. First date. When he got on his knees! Recreate them, as you wanted them to ideally be, and record it on a video!

10. Plan for the future.

Are you ready to take the big step? This would be the best day to decide!

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Shardul Makwe

Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?


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