10 things that you will relate to if you love sleeping

10 things that you will relate to if you love sleeping

If you love sleeping like I do, and if your bed is one of your best friends, then here are 10 things that you’ll completely relate to:

1. You have a record.

Be it 14 hours, or 16, you know that is one of the things you brag about in front of a fellow sleep-lover.

2. You are a night person.

And an anti-morning person. Your bed is your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.

3. You can sleep almost anywhere.

Yes, you brag about it too. Be it when the principal came into the class, or when you’re attending a VIP conference, sleep is a priority!

4. Your parents and friends complain about how much you sleep.

This is a sure one. If you love sleep, it means that they’re jealous of your love. They’re constantly telling you to change your sleep habits.

5. You’ve been “Imprinted”.

A good sleep is sure to leave a mark ♥ and we know we’re proud of that! Be it on your face or on your arms, that pattern is what you look at and smile cuz that is a sure sign that it was a great sleep.

6. Morning plans are a strict no-no.

You might go for them if you don’t have a choice, but all you can think of is how your bed must feel betrayed and how you can’t express how sorry you are, to it. You are also infamous on cancelling the morning meets.

7. “I was sleeping.” is a perfectly valid excuse.

Why didn’t you come to school/ college/ work today? I was sleeping. Dude, we missed that movie because of you! I was sleeping. Are you okay? I haven’t seen you in the past week! I was sleeping.

8. You regard sleeping as a talent.

And brag about it. (See point 1.)

9. Weekend is awaited.

Not for partying. Not for catching up on work. Not even for getting out of the house. But for the reason that we can sleep all we want, beyond our commitments and deadlines.

10. Alarm clock is an enemy.

You have at least 5 calls before you wake up in the morning. The snooze button is your best friend. And one day you swear you’re going to kill that alarm clock.

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10 things that you will relate to if you love sleeping

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