9 other things that a Bed can be used for apart from Sleeping

9 other things that a Bed can be used for apart from Sleeping

If your bed is one of your best mates just as mine is, you must’ve found various ways to connect apart from your regular relationship of sleep with it. Here are 9 creative things that a bed can be used for, apart from sleeping:

1. Your study bed

Ever dozed off on a study table? (Irony intended) or felt that it was too rigid, or that the space a study table provides is too less for you? Well, that’s exactly what a bed is for! Comfortable, wide, you can spread all your shit in front of you before you get down to business.

2. TV companion

Gone are the days of beanbags and couches. A bed is wider, and you can stretch your legs as much as you want, and you can even sleep if you want without worrying about waking up and finding yourself head first in the crack of the couch with cramps all over your body.

3. A trampoline!!

Ever jumped on your bed as a child? (That was before mom scolded us to get down) The experience is totally worth it. And if you fall down, then there are those comfy sheets to hold you!

4. Storage bed

The modern beds come with such compatible storage spaces, we can stuff all the stuff that we want.

5. Hiding place

When we were kids, an excellent place to hide was under the bed. We have often imagined monsters lurking under it, or thieves, but the point is, there is space under the bed so that one can hide under it!

6. To press clothes

Back when we didn’t have an iron to straighten our shirts, our mom used to tuck them under the bed before bedtime, and in the morning, voila! You get a perfectly ironed shirt.

7. Hiding place

No one looks for your love letters under the sheets. It often held top-secret information in our childhood.

8. Holding memories

Do you remember when your mom first taught you how to tuck those sheets the perfect way so that no creases remain? And how many tears have that pillows hidden? The bed has held all those butterflies too, when you were too anxious to sleep.

9. Relaxation purposes

No, it is not equal to sleep. It is when a body feels comfortable with the bed, and let goes of all that is in his/her mind, piece by piece. It is what successful people do before they doze off.

Your bed, is your companion. It is one of the greatest places in the world. And when it gets molded and all soft because you’ve been sleeping into it too much, you know that it’s completely yours. Happy bedtime!

[Featured photo courtesy: Purple Alliance]

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9 other things that a Bed can be used for apart from Sleeping

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