9 Reasons why you should take a Solo Trip

9 Reasons why you should take a Solo Trip

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If anyone wants to experience the heartfelt essence of any place, one should plan a solo trip.

If you sought to experience ADVENTURE in life, a solo trip is must. By being with family or company of any acquaintance does not give us a liberty of being honest to our dreams, as somewhere back of mind we are worried “wo kya sochega” or “Mumma papa na pade che”.

So get rid of rules in life for a while, plan a single trip (before you get mingle) and go exploit your FREEDOM of being in an unmapped place. Wear crazy (dhinchak clothes, only if you wish to) and have an escapade like never before.


Plan a single trip to get true soul of that place. By essence I mean, explore the city life under microscope. Savour the local famous FOOD of that place, talk to any anonymous people and bask in  their company.


Plan a single trip so that you FEEL night life of that place. Go to local pubs, discs or hangout places where you can have good eye candies and take pleasure in the liberty of being totally unknown as well as no fear of going home late.


Plan a single trip so that you get up early morning ,so that you plan to walk up to the popular local places of the city.  See the place, walk up to popular BAZAAR’S of the place, explore & shop new things. No more waiting for each other, halting for each other, get a buzz of the city without being forced to be there or running thorough all places.


Plan a single trip so that you can go on a  SHOPPING  spree all alone. Shout it aloud, negotiate to the brim and relish the experience as this is something which may be difficult in your own city. Shop for the decorative which being with your parents have made as realise many time that “we are on top of the chart of wastage of money”.


Plan a trip so that you can know yourself more, DISCOVER  yourself, introspect, write down all what you want to do in life. It means getting more comfortable with your own self. It is a time to get rid of all responsibilities for a while and having totally a “ME” time.


Plan a solo trip so that you can make NEW FRIENDS or maybe a lifetime opportunity where anyone of you might find love of your life.


Plan a solo trip so that you can go on camp fire and gave a gala time.


Plan a trip so that you can rekindle your HOBBY, sit near a serene lake and paint it on canavas, or visit  a beach and carve out your dreams on sand for a while, or go to a top of the mountain and feel the air of the city, sing as you are next Indian idol and get the thrill of the trip.


Plan a trip alone so that you can walk up to the nearby FOREST or farms of the city, pluck the raw fruits (like Shimla where one can pluck apples) and recollect memories of your childhood.

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