9 Signs That Your Best Friend is An Alien!

9 Signs That Your Best Friend is An Alien

We’ve all had that crazy best friend moments when you’re convinced that your best friend cannot be possibly a normal human being. Spooky stuff, crazy stuff, or downright mad stuff that we’ve all done because that’s what best friends do!! But seriously, have you ever considered that your best friend may belong to another planet altogether? Here are 9 signs that your best friend is out of this world:

1. The Talk Effect

You end a topic, you sit in silence, both wondering what to say next, and you speak exactly the same thing! If it has happened to you so regularly that you’re planning on murdering him/her for plagiarism, consider the possibility that she can read minds.

2. The Experience Effect

As you recount your experiences, the EXACT same thing had happened to her in a similar manner and she had reacted to it in the SAME way! How many coincidences can you grant?

3. The Twin Effect

You do things in unison. Sometimes, you even finish a whole conversation just by staring at each other. Et tu, twin?

4. The Friend Effect

When all your friends start gushing about how compatible you are, it’s cool. When they admit that sometimes they confuse you both, start worrying.

5. The Family Effect

It is the first time that they’ve met your parents and they’re already mingling with them better than you would! Your parents love him/ her and so does your sibling! If your parents begin recounting embarrassing incidents of yours in front of them as “jokes”, do not let it turn into another embarrassing incident. Take the matter in your own hands.

6. The Wierdo Effect

If your best friend is an alien, then he/she has to be a wierdo. So there will be times when she’ll talk something so out of the world the outsiders will just stare, as only you would be able to appreciate how unique and entertaining it is.

7. The Otherworldly looks effect

Yes, she doesn’t resemble a pot-bellied green creature with things sticking out of his/her head and those stick-thin legs, but admit it… they do have something in them that has made you glance twice and stare openly at them. It may be the twinkle, or the gait, or even the hair

8. The Ideas Effect

What would happen if trucks were the official transport for school students? What would the world be like if everyone rapped all the time?Their ideas arebasically AMAZING. The amount of crazy stuff that your best friend can come up with, is infinite. Have you ever wondered from where do they get such amazing, unusual, and creative yet fresh ideas all the time?

9. The Language Effect

No third person is able to understand your talks because of the excessive amount of codes that it has in them. You might think that we are planning a super-secret mission, when in reality, all we could be talking about is lip gloss.

If you’ve got such a friend who has more than 4 of the effects, listen VERY CAREFULLY. Go to them as soon as you can, look into their eyes, give them a tight hug, and NEVER LET THEM GO. Because hey, how many can boast of a friend-cum-family-cum-alien best friend, all rolled into one? You’re special, and so are they! Hold on to that special one.

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9 Signs That Your Best Friend is An Alien!

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