Did we just find Norma in Suits?

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If you are following series Suits, you must have always wondered, why they don’t show Norma? Well, we have found the answer, almost. Norma is Louis Litt’s executive assistant at Pearson Specter Litt. Louis keeps mentioning Norma once in a while, but we never see her. She never appears in entire series, she is only mentioned by main characters several times.

In one of the episodes, Louis was planning to fire her, but changed his mind after rehearsing his dismissal speech with Harold. In fourth season, Jessica mentioned that Norma has an office on 46th floor. In the finale of 4th season, Louis is seen telling Donna that Norma died while taking care of her sister. But we never see Norma.

Why Norma from Suits is never shown?

One might wonder, why they don’t show Norma? And we have found the answer.

Mention of a character couple of times, which is never shown, creates curiosity in the audience. Just as you read the title of this article and came here to find out who’s Norma, thousands of people who follow Suits are wondering.

Her absence in the series leaves audience imagining. Based on the things Louis told about Norma, we all pictured her character. That’s what the show wanted. Probably the show-makers wanted us to create our own idea of this character.

How does Norma look like?

In the first episode of season 3, the show tries to show Norma to the audience subtly. Here is what the show wants us to believe, who Norma is.

Photo of Norma in Suits

But wait..

No, that’s just the thing show-makers tried to trick us into believing that. But she is not Norma! Norma is never really shown in the series. You can keep having your own idea about Norma.

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