Do Indians deserve Freedom of Speech?

Do Indians deserve Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is the birth right of every Indian citizen whether he/ she exercises it or not. No politicians, minister, celebrity or important person has the right to deprive any citizen of this country in the shadow of power to deprive them of their basic fundamental rights.

For a nation to blossom, for economies to grow, and for stable healthy environment, right to freedom is must. No country has ever witnessed growth under slavery or dictatorship. Indians experienced brutal slavery under Britisher’s rule, which hampered our growth largely during early years. It was only after we got independence, our growth to pinnacle started and we have reached the point, where we are the fastest and advanced growing economies of the world.

Narendra Modi won the heart of country and became the Prime minister of India due to power of speech and word. Such is power of speech that it can move nations. It can build nation or it can destroy whole dynasty. He won the hearts’ of billion’s Hindustani, as he used right words at right place at right time. Had he not used them wisely and in intelligent manner, we would still be the victim of the UPA government one more time. So right to speech is the liberty given to all (including politicians too), but if put to use in constructive manner and not destructive way.

JNU incidents is one the recent examples of disrespect to the liberty of speech, where it was used by the rebel student  to create a clamour and disturbance in the country. Students cited Anti-Indians slogans and created commotion in the entire nation, thereby bringing shame to the world known varsity and nation.When questioned to them about their conduct, they said it is our “Fundamental right to speech and nobody can take it away from us.” Agreed it is a fundamental right powered to them by Indian constitution, but it has largely put them on world media citing the fundamental instilled in them.

Indian should never use there liberty to such an extent that it transgresses all borders of basic conduct. Such right was given to all citizens to encourage nation’s growth through active participation in social, political and economical activities of the country.

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