Equality? A myth or a realistic dream in India?

Equality? A myth or a realistic dream in India?

Do we ever realise that we can never have equality because of course, it’s a womens’ job to handle household chores, maintain the dignity of the family, adjust after marriage. If she does that, not because she is good, but because it comes under her duty and responsibility.

Feminism will always be abused till we have men fighting for it. As hard a truth as it may sound, we will never have equality, till boys fight for it. Else, it will always be – either you are ambitious or you are a wife.

With my limited experience, I have realised that the boys have brought in danger for themselves on their own.

All parents taught their daughter, with the so-called upliftment and modernism, that “We have raised our daughter as a son, and have given her complete freedom and independence”.

The girls became capable to do everything what a man can do. But we forgot to make men capable to doing everything that a female can do. The parents, in this process, made females independent and males still dependent as they were a 100 years back.

Feminism brought in change for the females, but it was never brought in training of male babies to have household chores or any other such thing, as their own responsibility.

Today, I am capable of making rotis for myself as well as making money for those rotis. Yes, we were successful in making that change. We became independent.

But meanwhile, we ignored the part of young males and their training. They weren’t trained for this change. How will they survive?

The point is – “Beti ko bete jaisa samjha humne became a trend” but we forgot to impart “Skills of beti in a beta”, which will make them suffer in longer term.

Today, I proudly, never said that it is my husband’s responsibility only to bring money for me and buy stuff. I took off his load. I shared his responsibility.

But is it so obvious for the men too?

On this International Women’s day, I have to very sadly say, that i became a man plus women (I earn and I cook, and it is my DUTY), and equality seems a myth to me because you can’t have it till you train men to learn like women.

In a true tribute to International Women’s day, I would like to salute those parents who trained their “Beta” to be like “Beti” because that we a tribute to women k “ladki jaisa hona chhoti baat nahi aur ladke jaisa hona badi baat nahi” and that would be a true celebration of womanhood that “You are like a girl” will become something to be proud of!

Happy International Women’s day!

[Featured Photo Courtesy: Pooja Jariwala]

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Aakruti Dalmia

Aakruti is a chartered accountant and a teacher by profession but a dreamer at heart. Also, running a social entrepreneurship venture for students, she wishes to make some difference to the common perception of Indian society as a whole! Writing is her way of putting up her views to people at large.

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