Here’s everything you should know about Ajit Doval

Here’s everything you should know about Ajit Doval

“Bond is THE thing. I wish we had such people in India!”, if that was your statement after watching Skyfall or Golden eye or Never Say Never Again, or any of those James Bond movies, here we present to you India’s very own James Bond, minus the cheesy one-liners, and the alcohol, and chick magnetism, he’s  a hero who truly works to be unnoticed: Ajit Doval. They said Beckham was cool, he scored a goal from the half-line. They said Elon Musk is cool, a billionaire tech genius who can build anything from cars to rocket. But no one, no one, can meet the Ajit Doval level of coolness. You might relate to this, people seldom asking you ‘What’s that one moment of pride you always cherish?’, imagine how confused Ajit Doval must be, when his slide-show begins as a response to this question! Here are some steps one should follow to reach Ajit Doval level of coolness:

Be an undercover agent in Pakistan. For 7 years!

Yes. 7 Full Years! You might even imagine living a normal life in Pakistan, but imagine how would you react to India- Pakistan matches? Since most of the times India was winning! Leave that. This gentleman stayed undercover as an agent to RAW in Pakistan. Yes, 7 years of Ek tha tiger.

He portrayed himself as a Pakistani spy on Indian Turf!

In the infamous operation Blue Star of Golden Temple, Amritsar, Ajit Doval was involved too. He showed himself as a Pakistani Spy, thereby winning the confidence of the militants there in. Here onwards, he was the main observer of all their actions, to help Indian Army.

When you’re Ajit Doval cool, you can talk to anyone. Anyone.

In 1999 Indian Airlines flight IC-814 Kaath mandu- Kandahar hijack and hostage situation, Doval was the chief negotiator from the Indian Army, who negotiated with the terrorists.

When you’re Ajit Doval cool, you can convince anyone. Literally, anyone!

In the 80s during the Mizo National Fronts’ protests against the central government, the leader Laldenga soon realized that 6 of his 7 commanders had already left. These 6 were convinced by Doval.

Holding a gun and getting hold of your cash are very different, but important.

Despite of Ajit Doval’s devotion to get into the army, he graduated with a Masters in Economics from University of Agra. And by the way, he also topped his batch.

Police, Intelligence, High Commission- he has been everywhere.

Doval is an IPS officer, belonging to the Kerala Cadre ’86 Batch, and is the youngest officer ever to win Police Medal for meritorious service. He has been the Chairman & is founder of Multi Agency Center and Joint Task Force. Doval has been at the Indian High Commission, Islamabad and Indian High Commission, London as a minister.

After retiring from the designation of Director, Intelligence Bureau in 2005, he wrote numerous papers in international journals, became director of Vivekananda International Foundation and delivered guest lectures at University of Melbourne, National Defence College (New Delhi) and many other places. He was brought to the most important role of his life, in 2014 when he was selected National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. (RAW and Intelligence Bureau report directly to the NSA, and not the PM.)

So, he pairs up with Manohar Parikar to form the Batman- Robin pair for securing India. Neighbouring rivals, may the almighty save you!

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