How to differentiate between activity and productivity?

How to differentiate between activity and productivity

Busy is a decision. You don’t find the time to do things, you make the time to do things.

What are you doing right nowadays? Are you taking action that takes you closer to your goal?

There is a difference between a smart worker and a hard worker. In my point of view, there is no such thing as a smart worker or hard worker. You should do what matters to you the most. Those who are working constantly and not doing what matters, they are just like a ship in the ocean without a destination.

If you are too busy, you are doing a show-off only. If you were actually performing productive actions you would have to have a lot of free time. Because that’s what productive people do. They create free time by doing what matters.

People are losing themselves in the jungle of unproductive thoughts and plans. They think of something they know they will not do but they keep thinking about it. Especially, when people have a problem, they keep thinking about it.

At this time, they have positive thinking and they waste their time in just thinking positive about the problem but never bother to do something about it. You don’t need to be busy solving everything in life at once. Decide what you want to do first and do it until it finishes. Never leave anything half-done. It’s because, at the back of your mind, your unconscious mind doesn’t stop until something is done and it keeps making strategies to finish in your mind. As your mind is working but your body is not, it will build up stress and you will loose energy.

So, pick up the MOST important task first and finish it off.

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Mayur Bardolia
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