10 Reasons Why Indian Army Rocks

10 Reasons Why Indian Army Rocks

We belong to the great nation where the Indian Armed Forces reside. Where 1.3 million ever-ready active personnel thump their chests, and put our worries aside. They stand by the borders, to make us sleep in peace. They put their lives at risk, to put ours at ease. They stand for glory, they stand for pride. They stand day in and day out, to put our enemies aside. Their legends are sung all through the world. Their might and power is respected by every worldly herald. Skies may fall, oceans may flood, but the Indian Army is standing for our great nation, till its last man’s last drop of blood.

Looking at their achievements, the world stays in shocks. Here are the reasons why, the great Indian Army rocks:

Amazing Facts about Indian Army

1. The Indian Army is world’s largest voluntary army.

Indian Army comprises of personnel who voluntarily join the army to serve the country. This makes Indian Army the largest one, comprising of people who don’t need ‘incentives’ to serve their nation.

2. For the Indian Army, even the sky isn’t a limit.

The Indian Army holds credit for building the highest bridge in the world. The Bailey Bridge is located in Ladakh Valley, between the Dras and Suru rivers in Himalayan Mountains. The bridge was built in 1982.

3. Every man standing there, is standing for the nation.

Nothing else. The Indian Army has no reservation quota, unlike other professions in India. It recruits on merit basis, and hence is exponentially efficient.

4. Indian Army has shown its might many a time.

The 1971 Indo-Pakistan war ended with 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendering. This was the largest surrender after World War II. This war resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

5. The trainer is as great as the training.

Ezhimala Naval Academy in Kerala is the largest one of its kind in entire Asia. Indian Army also runs the High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS), where even the U.S. Special Forces were trained before Afghanistan invasion.

6. Because pride never goes out of fashion.

And that is what the Indian Army puts into high regards. One may see this, by knowing the fact that India is among the only 3 countries to have a Horsed Cavalry Regiment.

7. Indian Army is an ‘Arm’, always there to the rescue.

Operation ‘Raahat’ carried out to save the victims of the Uttarakhand floods in 2013, was one of the biggest rescue operations the world has ever seen. With the Air Force lifting 20,000 people, 382,400 Kg of food distributed, Indian Army did finish up a herculean task.

8. Indian army comprises of special teams.

If you’re anyway close to messing with the Indian Army, you don’t want to read this. So the Indian Army has MARCOS (Marine Commandos), Paramilitary (deploying soldiers behind the enemy line), Ghatak Force (especially for aggressive attacks), COBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action, specially trained in Guerilla warfare), NSG (National Security Guards) and many many, many others.

9. When real life incidents are as grand as Bollywood movies.

The Battle of Lonewala, on which the movie ‘Border’ was based, saw only two casualties on the Indian side. Also, 120 Indian soldiers with a rifle-mounted jeep protected their grounds against 2000 Pakistan soldiers backed by 45 tanks and one mobile infantry brigade.

10. One of the best.

AGNI V has put India amongst the 5 nations having Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles.

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