This Muslim guy from Pakistan sends a strong message to the world!

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This Muslim guy from Pakistan sends a strong message to the world!

Holi is celebrated by Hindus, mostly in India. But Wahid Khan, a Muslim guy from Pakistan played Holi. And after playing Holi, he decided to take a public bus to check reaction of people. What followed next sends a strong message to the world. Read his Facebook post to find out.

Wahid Khan writes on Facebook..

I was coming from a Holi celebration and I decided to take a public bus despite the arguments of friends that I should just take a rikshaw cuz people might react to it as I was all in colors. I wanted to see people’s reaction and more than that I wanted to use a public space to celebrate diversity and to let people think about it. I came across many people, and everyone perceived that I am a Hindu and told me how they know “people of my community”. This was my favorite conversation on a bus.

I sit next to an uncle.

Uncle: (with a great sympathy) Why are you working in such a young age?

Me: Sorry, what do you mean?

Uncle: You are a color worker right?

Me: (laughed) No uncle, actually I am coming from a Holi celebration.

Uncle: Oh, Hindu brotheri?

Me: No, I am from a Muslim family.

Uncle: what? So you celebrated Holi? And rest of them were Muslims as well?

Me: Yes, and some of our friends were Hindus and we celebrated Holi in a church.

Uncle: Beta, you are a Muslim, and…

(There was another uncle sitting in the seat behind us, he interrupted): Oh bhai, if colors bring these kids together and they can celebrate it together with the minority, why do you have to bring in religion? That’s a great thing.

Uncle: Well, we were raised by telling us that Hindu and Muslims can not be together.

(The other uncle shakes his head)

Me: That is where everything went wrong. Happy Holi!

Uncle laughs.

It was a great day and glad to see Pakistan accepting other cultures and religions!

We could not be happier!

A lot of non- Hindu Indians play Holi every year with Hindu friends. And hearing same thing from across the border is the happiest thing we heard this Holi. We could not be any more Happy. And we strongly believe that the youth of both the countries will some day break all the barriers between Hindu- Muslim and India- Pakistan. We await the day.

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