Tips to increase Twitter followers from Social Media Experts

Tips to increase Twitter followers from Social Media Experts

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You can easily get very good following and engagement on Facebook. You can even get instant likes and followers on Instagram. But getting followers and engagement on Twitter is really a headache. Only few can decode how Twitter works. Today, we bring you Twitter Secrets. Check out Twitter tips from social media experts.

Tips to increase followers and engagement on Twitter

1. Kumar Manish (@KumarManish9)

Profession: Journalist and social media enthusiast

Stats: 28,400+ Tweets, 1302 Following, 4410 Followers


  • A nice Twitter bio. Present who you are and your areas of interest.
  • A Good display picture of yours to ensure you are not a BOT.
  • In links, add your portal or LinkedIn/facebook profile link. It gives credibility.
  • Identify your target audience first and crafts tweets accordingly.
  • Post informative, educative and engaging content.
  • Participate in tweet chat related to your area of interest.
  • Participate in online conversation.
  • Use hashtags in your tweets.
  • Promote your twitter handle on other social media platforms, your business cards and in your email signature.
  • Avoid trolling, nasty and abusive language.

Increase engagement on Twitter

  • Building engagement requires content, design and context.
  • Use visual imageries, use info graphics and if good in video, use vine.
  • Look for trending hashtags, join the conversation and share your views and opinion.
  • Also , decide your tone of tweets, it can be simple, satirical or comical.
  • Read a lot and share positive stories.
  • Do not just share the link, add one or two line text with it with relevant hashtags.

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2. Amit Panchal (@AmitHPanchal)

Profession: Digital Marketing consultant

Stats: 71,500+ Tweets, 5231 Following, 16300+ Followers


  • Be super-active on Twitter.
  • Communicate with your followers.
  • Tweet quality content and help others spread the word.
  • Follow others and thank your followers for following back.
  • Keep Tweeting.

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3. Falguni Vasavada-Oza (@falgunivasavada)

Profession: Advertising professor and social media enthusiast

Stats: 24,700+ Tweets, 4316 Following, 6434 Followers


  • Increase followers organically through the right content & conversations.
  • People follow you for your domain expertise so identify 2 or 3 key areas that you want to be known for & accordingly build your image on the platform.
  • Conversations with people who follow you is a must as this is an interactive platform.
  • Engagement can be increased by content & regular conversations.

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4. Aditi Raval (@RJADITI)

Profession: Creative adviser, social media infotainer

Stats: 42,100+ Tweets, 924 Following, 16500+ Followers


  • Tweet on trending topics.
  • Act as a real time journalist on Twitter.
  • If you are the first one to break the news, get ready to get a load of RTs and followers.
  • Try to understand taste of your followers. And post accordingly to increase engagement.
  • Consistency is must. You must Tweet regularly to keep the engagement going.

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What do you think?

So are you going to apply these tips on Twitter? Do you have some tips, suggestions or feedback to share? Add your views in comments down below.

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