Top 8 Coolest Jobs in India

Top 8 Coolest Jobs in India

So, if you do manage to get away from “Log kya kahenge”, “Sharma ji ke betekodekh, IIT me hai”, “Vermaji ki beti ko dekh, AIIMS me hai” and somehow, yes somehow, with all your body parts working in their ideal condition (including the brains!), and are still thinking to build a hatke career, sincerely consider these:

1. Godsmen

Become a Baba, or even a Mataji would do. Recession proof profession. You get respect, money and national level popularity. And guess what, no one will ever be able to say, “Sharma ji ka bete ko dekh…Baba bann gaya hai. Iss saal 10,000 crore ka target hai uski company ka!”

2. Tea Taster

Ever wondered, if you could have a nice cup of tea and get paid for it too? Surprise, surprise there is a job with that title!All you need is knowledge of tea tastes, and obviously, a tongue!

3. Food Flavorist

If mixing things up is what you’re good at, you can get employed. Many industry segments like fragrance, cosmetics, edibles etc are waiting for you to come up and give them their next superstar flavor maker!

4. Stand Up Comedian

Stand Up comedy is a serious business. Because Indians are used to doing things which they’re exactly, not supposed to do. Cry at a wedding, laugh in a serious situation and the Bollywood favorite “Khushi k aasoo”. But, lately, content of Comic teams like AIB, TVF, East India Comedy and regional ones like Comedy Factory, has grabbed attention. So, you can earn and have fun at the same time!

5. Blogger

With 300 million+ smartphones and 500 million+ internet connected devices, Indian’s have started consuming more and more content. Amit Agarwal, who runs the Tech-Blog, makes as much as $60,000/month. That’s way too much than your cousin, who went to IIT!

6. Event Planner

Some places offer professional courses in Event Management, but honestly, all you need is creativity and a tad bit of experience. With so many marriages taking place in the form of ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’, one can only imagine the size of this market.

7. Novelist

Durjoy Dutta, Amish Tripathi and many more names would keep coming. Having a flare for writing is must, but if you come from an IIT or IIM, it would help you sell more. Yes, Mr. Bhagat has made a fortune out of it. And he also became the first and the last writer to judge a dance reality show. You can achieve all of that, except the last one. Simply, because it’s not worth it, or logical.

8. Chocolatier

People have a sweet tooth. Indians have sweet denture, tongue, gums, saliva and everything else which is biologically found in India mouths. So yes, chocolates do manage a decent sale, and these days people have a thing for ‘custom made’ too.

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