We asked Indians which one do they like more TVF or AIB

We asked Indians which one do they like more? TVF or AIB?

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Indian YouTube scene is growing excessively lately. And TVF (The Viral Fever) and AIB (All India Bakchod) are pioneers and one of the strongest players in internet entertainment domain. Firstly, to compare TVF and AIB doesn’t make much sense. But admit it, TVF versus AIB is an old debate. Both channels have very different things to offer, but still we tried to find out the answer to this never ending debate. We asked couple of people on Facebook which one out of TVF and AIB they like more and why? And which particular shows they like the most. Have a look at some of the answers.

The Viral Fever V/S All India Bakchod

Deep Dholakia (Mumbai)

It is very difficult to compare, because both have amazing things to offer. But I like TVF more as they have expanded to drama genre and have maintained that humorous tough. They have explored many new horizons compared to AIB.

Shows I like the most: Permanent Roommates and The Making of series

Score: TVF: 1 AIB: 0

Dipali Thakkar (Bangalore)

I like both. But if I have to select one, I would go for AIB. I like the kind of humorous and witty videos they make.

Shows I like the most: Permanent Roommates and AIB’s video with Alia Bhatt

Score: TVF: 1 AIB: 1

Mohak Kabaria (Ahmedabad)

I like TVF more. It is more connecting. Whichever topics they have picked up till now are more relevant to recent times. And they direct and write shows in very realistic way.

Shows I like the most: Permanent Roommates

Score: TVF: 2 AIB: 1

Aashka Kotecha (Ahmedabad)

I’m neither narrow minded nor offended with double meaning jokes. But I disagree with the fact that humour can only be found in abuses, vulgarity and slang. No offence to AIB. They do offer a great flavour of humour. But not my kind of content.

Shows and videos by TVF make you think. You can learn from series like Pitchers. Whereas AIB’s videos are always a one time watch.

I would sum up my opinion in one line, ‘Class is way better than swag.’

Shows I like the most: Permanent Roommates

Score: TVF: 3 AIB: 1

Marwah Yash (Vasai)

TVF, hands down. They are less monotonous. And they are more realistic. Common man can relate to the videos and shows they make.

Shows I like the most: I like TVF’s mother’s day special video and recenly launched Making of a Star Son video

Score: TVF: 4 AIB: 1

Jimit Vaidya (Berlin, Germany)

Both are unique in their own ways. Both have great series. Both are great. I like both equally.

Score: TVF: 5 AIB: 2

Akash Radadiya (Surat)

TVF, any day. The content is humorous rather than offensive all the time. I can watch TVF videos with my family.

However, lately TVF content also has also started containing abuses but they have a flow of episodes which I love it because I badly wait for their any upcoming episode. And whenever I get some time, I choose to browse TVF’s videos!

I love AIB but I do not wait for their videos. Whenever I get an update, I just watch them.

Shows I like the most: Permanent Roommates and the sketch of Arnub Goswami (Arnab with U).

Score: TVF: 6 AIB: 2

Harshit Desai (Mumbai)

I like TVF more. Because TVF makes a lot of sense. And whichever AIB video I have seen is more abusive than entertaining.

Shows I like the most: Arnub Goswami one and Permanent Roommates series.

Score: TVF: 7 AIB: 2

Nikunj Desai (Gold Coast, Australia)

TVF is more witty. AIB is more harsh. You may find some stuff of AIB ridiculous, like the Roast.

Shows I like the most: Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Gangs of Social Media

Score: TVF: 8 AIB: 2

Anshul Sharma (New Delhi)

I like both of them. Both have different sets. AIB doesn’t have big series like TVF’s Pitchers and Roommates, but they were the first ones to bring Roast in India. I like the kind of witty and humorous shows AIB makes.

Shows I like the most: AIB Roast, AIB’s video with Irrfan Khan and TVF’s sketch of Arnub Goswami

Score: TVF: 9 AIB: 3

Final Score

Winner: TVF (The Viral Fever)

TVF is leading with 6 points in the debate of TVF V/S AIB. Whatever the result is, we like both of them. Entertaining and sensible, both kind of content is required.

Keep up the good work TVF & AIB. We are proud of you guys.

Which one do you like more? TVF or AIB? Share your views in comments below. And stay tuned to BuddyBits for stories from India and around the world.

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