Your Ultimate Guide To Bro-Code

Your Ultimate Guide To Bro-Code

“Arey Bhai hai tu apna…”, think well before you utter those words. Think very well. Because they aren’t as shallow as a proposal, which you keep giving every now and then. Being a bro is a responsibility to cherish.

You can be as cool as a footballer scoring from the half line. You can be as cool as MSD, hitting a six on the last ball. You can be as cool as Batman…wait, no, you can’t be that cool either. But if you are bros, you’ve to be on the same level of coolness. Nothing, remember, nothing should make you go around the Bro-Code.

1. Bro’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t exist for you.

Even looking at her will make you die in Bro-hell, which simply means not being invited by your bro at any of the gatherings. Simply, you don’t know her, about her existence, her name, number, her hair color, the number of eyes she has .Nothing.Nothing at all. The moment she breaks up with Bro, she’s done with you too…for this life. Bro code doesn’t get renewed in the next life.

2. You always get the back of your bro.

If your bro gets into a fight, you have to jump in it. Well, if he did do something which makes him worthy of getting a blow or two, wait for sometime, and then jump in.

3. When bro says a dialogue of a movie, you say the next line.

Doesn’t matter if you know it.Google it. Run back to the DVD store, buy the movie, watch it (see, we don’t support piracy…usually.), learn the dialogue and finish up for your bro. This goes without saying.

4. When bro does the bro gesture, you too do it. No matter what.

So, you’re getting married and your bro lifts his leg up to give you a ‘thigh-five’ (when bros smash the upper part of their leg as a symbol of bro-ness. You see, High-fives are old now.), you can’t think about log kya kahenge. You do it. If your bro gesture was Bhangra, and you’re at a funeral…well you might get punched for this one, but you will do it.

5. You make certain promises, and stand by them.

When your bro is planning for something which will make his life ‘normal’, you’ve to step in and awake him up. He needs your help.

When bro says he wants you to be at his wedding, you’ve to make him certain promises. “Bro, mai teri ghodi leke bhaag jaaunga.”, “Bro, I’ll puke in your mandap.”, “Bro..Mai teri saasumaa k saath setting kar lunga…”, anything. Pull your bro back to being your bro.

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