10 Exciting things to do during Vacations

10 Exciting things to do during Vacations

Due to semester system, schools and colleges now give Diwali vacations up to 5 weeks and Summer Vacations up to 8-9 weeks. To be true, ‘Yay, Vacations’ is a myth. Students get super bored during vacations because there is absolutely nothing to do.

To make vacations a little bit exciting and meaningful, here’s what you can do.

1. Intern at a Startup

If you are a college student, there are many startups outside waiting for someone to work more at little less money than a professional. They even teach you their field of work. As far as you are concerned, you can learn and earn at the same time.

2. Adventure Sports

Your age is not an issue here. Consider Horse Riding, Martial Arts, and Rifle Shooting as Adventure Sports.

3. Learn new Computer Languages

If you are a computer freak, start learning various computer languages such as Java, PHP etc. You can learn at any age, better start at a younger number.

4. Create a new Hobby

Create a hobby that helps time to flow during vacations such as glass painting, origami and other art. It will even decorate your room or wardrobe.

5. Join an NGO

Do some social work, you are not doing anything either way.

6. Learn to Cook

It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. You have to learn how to cook especially if you are planning to study outside your home town. If you already live in hostel, better use vacations to learn how to cook, better late than never.

7. Get trained in a sport of your interest

Football, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball. Train yourself or get trained by a professional. There are ample amount of summer camps that train children and teenagers in the sport of their interest. Join those, learn and enjoy!

8. Maintain and improve your Body shape

No one cares if you are fat or skinny, but you do! Lose some weight or gain some, build some muscles and look at the face of your friends in school/ college when they see how sexy you look.

9. Improve your fluency in English

Read Novels, Join English speaking classes. It will be much more beneficial in future than you think.

10. Follow New English Series or Anime

Start watching new Series or Anime. There are plenty of them. Suits, GOT, Death Note, Naruto, Quantico, House of Cards. Enjoy!

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10 Exciting things to do during Vacations

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