10 Reasons why you should actually use Patanjali products

10 Reasons why you should actually use Patanjali products

Baba Ramdev and his brand Patanjali came into limelight when ban was imposed on Maggi. Patanjali introduced a healthy alternative to Maggi when it was banned. Baba Ramdev was in news; he was widely criticized and was called an opportunist. I got curious about Patanjali, so I did a little research. And I found Patanjali to be a pretty cool brand. Here are 10 reasons why you should actually use Patanjali.

(Note: This article is not an advertorial. These are our personal views.)

10 Reasons to use Patanjali Products

1. Wide range of products

From grocery to medicine, nutrition to personal care, home care to health care, books and media to supplements, Patanjali has everything in their stores. Get all your household products at one stop.

2. Make in India

Patanjali is the perfect example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign. All Patanjali products are made in India. So if you purchase Patanjali products, you are indirectly encouraging ‘Make In India’ movement.

3. Pocket friendly products

Most of the products sold by Patanjali are very cost effective. They sell everything at the best possible rates in the market. So, you can actually save some money while shopping.

4. Easily available

Patanjali stores are opening everywhere in India now. And you’ll find their popular products in every next Kirana store. That’s not all. Patanjali is available online as well. Apart from their own website, you can find Patanjali products on almost all online grocery stores including Grofers.

5. Good quality products

Patanjali is not just a name. They serve good quality as well. I’ve tried hair oil, shampoo and gel. I’m satisfied with the quality.

6. Good for health

Most of these products are either Ayurvedic, Herbal or made from organic food. So they are obviously good for your health. Take their instant noodles for instance. They’ve made whole-wheat. So it is obviously healthier than other instant noodles available in the market.

7. Tasty as well

Patanjali products are as tasty as their alternatives available in the market. So healthy plus tasty. Bonus!

8. Good packaging

Well, reading the title of this point, you thought what does purchasing have to do with packaging? But admit it, the prettier the package, the more chances of you buying it. Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai! And Patanjali products come with good packaging as well.

9. Eco friendly

According to their website, Patanjali follows principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in their plant. So they proudly brag about being nature friendly.

10. Regular quality check

So Patanjali has special project teams working on Total Quality Management (TQM), which keep eyes on quality of every products made at the plant. They ensure that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.

Convinced? If not, go buy Patanjali products and try yourself. I am a strong supporter of ‘Make in India’, hence I frequently use Indian products including Patanjali. Write down your views in comments below and stay tuned to BuddyBits for more stories from India and around the world.

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