10 reasons why you should watch Quantico

10 Reasons why you should Watch Quantico

Priyanka Chopra recently told us that Quantico was renewed for a second season on ‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ and we are excited, obviously.

For those who don’t watch Quantico, here’s why you should:

1. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka, being the first Indian actress to bag a lead role in a foreign drama series, made us all fall in love with her. With her jaw-dropping acting as Alex Parrish she won the hearts of not only India but of the whole world. And yeah, you can feel a little patriotic.

2. Keeps you on your toes.

When you watch any episode, you are always like ‘WTF, now what!?’

3. Mystery!

The FBI classic mystery in Quantico is slowly pulling your heart right out from your chest, episode-by-episode!

4. Not many loopholes.

The story is way logical, nothing fictional. Quantico Story is a story that can happen in real life not only reel life.

5. Filler free! (Yay!)

People hate, I mean literally HATE fillers, and thanks to the writers, there are not many filler scenes or episodes in Quantico. It means every week, you know in your heart that the story will continue to excite you.

6. Acting

You might have seen Priyanka in Hindi movies and etc. but when you see her in Quantico, you feel that it’s a whole different person. And the same with each and every other fellow FBI recruits. You just simply love them.

7. Power-puff Girls in FBI

The only women you are scared of in your life are your mother and the ladies of Quantico. Women in Quantico do not only kill with their looks, but with their kicks and punches. And the Goosebumps you get when a girl beats the s**t out of someone.

8. Sarcasm

Every other person in Quantico is a Chandler Bing of their own. They all be like ‘I am not good at advices, should I amuse you with a sarcastic comment?’

9. Mind Games

Every episode you are like ‘He is the antagonist, or maybe she, or maybe he, or maybe I am… I am going crazy’, that’s the magic of Quantico.

10. Flashbacks

You always keep guessing what the life of someone was before they were here, but the flashbacks always amuse you and obviously clear your doubts.

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