10 sure shot ways to fight Depression

10 sure-shot ways to get rid of Depression!

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You reading this article proves that you have either been depressed or you’re still going through that phase. Well firstly, I would like to tell you not to worry. You are not alone. There are plenty of people around us who are going through the same phase. And I understand the pain you go through everyday. One day, you decide to move on and leave that depression behind. But it doesn’t work. Does it? The depression and those thoughts strike again and again. Well, having a good experience in this area myself, I would like to list down ten things which will give real tough fight to depression. Follow these simple things to get rid of depression.

1. Get rid of negativity!

There are some events or people who are causing you stress. Very first thing to do to get rid of depression is to get rid of all the negativity. How close these people are, cutting them off your life will be the best damn thing to do. Just get rid of all negative people and negativity around you.

2. Don’t overthink!

As I said earlier, some events in past or worries of future is the cause of depression. You tend to overthink a lot. You need to stop overthinking! Things which have happened in past are not going to change and the worries you’re having about the future may not even happen! So stop thinking about past and future, start living in the present.

3. Share

Gum baantane se kam hota hai. Find that one person you trust the most and talk your heart out. Share everything which is going on in your life and you will feel a lot better.

4. Keep yourself busy.

Root of depression is overthinking. But if you keep your mind busy doing other things, it won’t get time to overthink. This is the best way to get rid of depression. The lesser you think about shady things, the happier you will be.

5. Stop giving damn!

Your friends’ worries are not yours; especially when you are going through depression. The more sad stories you’ll listen, the messier your life will become. Stop interfering in other’s matters. Stop giving damn about everyone else. This is the time to think for yourself, just for yourself. It’ll make your life a lot easier.

6. Music helps, always!

Yes, music always helps. No sad songs though. Find your taste in music, make a playlist and play them in loop. Do not just listen songs. Listen to the lyrics. If nobody is around, you are allowed to sing along. Music will instantly cheer you up and it is easily available. A long walk with headphones on is a cherry on the top.

7. Hang out, watch movies, play video games!

In short, do everything that makes you happy. If travelling makes you happy, pack your bag and go for it. If watching Sajid Khan’s movie can release your stress, watch it. And if playing video games takes you to the beautiful memory lane of childhood, don’t think twice. Just do it.

8. List down all the good things you’ve done in life!

You are in depression because either you’ve lost faith in yourself. Or you feel betrayed. Or you are fed up with the people around you. Or you don’t feel happy in the environment you are in. Now, this is the time you think about all the good things you’ve done in your life. Right from the childhood, start listing down things that made you happy. From winning first prize at some contest to scoring good marks in school to passing a semester without KT to bunking lectures, list down everything which made memory for life. Only thinking about these things will cheer you up. Whenever those sad thoughts start flowing in, bring out that list and start reading it.

9. Meditate

Believe it or not, meditation is the best weapon to fight depression. Fix a time in the morning. Get relaxation music, choose a peaceful room/ area at home and start meditating. Daily 20 minutes of meditation will bring a hell lot of energy and peace to your life. Meditation has the power to turn your life around. Start meditating from today.

10. Look at the bigger pictures. 

There are millions of galaxies in the universe, billions of stars in galaxies, trillions of planets around those stars and quadrillion of lives in entire universe. How can one incident or one person make you feel sad or depressed? That incident or person is nothing in front of your life. There are a hell lot of things to do in life. Travelling to the world, having your favorite food, getting hooked up, achieving life goals, buying your dream villa and so on. There are tons of things you haven’t done yet. There is entire life ahead of you to live! You are born as a human for a reason. You are lucky to have born as a human. Will you waste beautiful life over such a tiny incident or a person? You are lucky that you can truly enjoy the beauty of earth. And maybe if you will survive more, you will also be able to travel to another planet. Don’t let these tiny things get in your way.

Bonus Point

Find your hobby. If you have already found it, follow your hobby more often. Join that dance class, join singing classes, go to the gym and make the body you’ve always wished for, learn cooking, play cricket. In short, do whatever makes you happy. You have got only one life. You cannot waste it. Start living your life now.

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