10 things that you should know about your crush!

10 things that you should know about your crush!

Have recently developed a crush on someone? Here are 10 things you should definitely know before you do anything else:

1. Your crush is a human being.

He/she isn’t a toy that you just WANT, or would love to have.

2. Your crush is receptive.

Yes, they can sense signs. That eager tone of yours, those frequent messages, they notice that. Be sure to emit signs that you don’t regret later on.

3. It is a possibility that they might not be interested.

Yes, you are flawless. Much better than them. Yes, you’re so compatible with them that you’re confident that he/she will be happier with you. But there might be a possibility that they are not so much into the idea as you are.

4. Stalking is an offense.

Do I need to say more?

5. Changing yourself won’t guarantee that he/she will like you.

In fact, don’t you want someone to love you just the way you are?

6. It is just a crush.

Don’t revolve your life around them. Remind yourself that you have more important things to do than to constantly think about whether or not you’ll see them today.

7. It is perfectly normal to go approach them.

A “hi” would suffice. Make sure they at least know your name before you start daydreaming about how well your first name goes with their last name.

8. He/ she should not be the point of your every conversation.

Your friends do not want to hear stories about the family holiday he/she took last week. You dropping facts about him in talks every time isn’t cute. If your friends cease teasing you about them, it’s a sign that they’re bored of you obsessing about him/her.

9. Check for signs.

Do not be obtuse. Deep down you already know whether or not they are into you. Give them signs, but accept theirs too. It’s amazing if they’re positive, but if it’s negative, it’s time to let go.

10. If it lasts more than 4 months, it is no longer a crush.

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