7 Reasons Why having a Sibling is the Best Thing Ever

7 reasons why having a sibling is the best thing ever

If you have a younger/ elder brother/ sister, this one’s for you. If you were the only child to your parents, this one’s definitely for you! Family as a concept has changed by miles today. The days when Chacha- Chachi, Bade Papa- Badi Mammi, Dada- dadi, Bhaiya- Bhabhi, Cousins, and everyone else used to live under one roof, are history now. What hasn’t changed though, is the quirky relation, the siblings share.

So, there are two aspects to this: either you were the elder one to experience it all first, or the younger one secretly trying it all. In any case, you’ll know exactly what it means:

1. Kneel to my wishes!

Paani lade, Darwaaza bandh karde, Fan on kar de, Kuchh khaane ko laa de, Zara remote dena, AC on kar de, Phone charging pelaga de, Ye shirt dhone me daal de, Thodi der k liye Mickey Mouse bann kar entertain kar de- and all other services you ask for and get, as the elder one!

2. I didn’t do it. Bhaiyaaa!

The smaller ones never get scolded. Anything and everything which is traceable and may bring some sort of scolding to them, is automatically directed towards the elder ones. You know, like asking for a tip to the earlier given services!

3. Hey big one, Kneel to my wishes!

So, somehow you overheard your di’s conversation with her boyfriend, or saw your elder brother’s first year marksheet where he has flunked in some subjects. Your immediate reactions: a huge smile clearly touching the ends of both the ears. Next, you rush to get a pencil and paper. Itna kaam karvana hai, list toh banani padegi na!

4. One wants to watch Big Boss. The other one Shinchan. That’s it, Clash of Titans begins!

Who needs an idiot box, when you’ve an idiot brother to fight with. All the time, on all big and small reasons!

5. That’s not how you do it, little thing.

When you’re about to write your first love letter to that girl in your class, or if you’re the boring one trying to get through with your first class project, you’ve someone to at least tell you what to do. In case your elder one was of the former types, at least you’ll know what not to do!

6. Danger ahead. Drive safe.

So, when your father’s angry and you know you might get late, your younger brother/sister calls on time and warns you, “Get that head in. Or permanently, head out.”

7. You get the perfect Birthday gifts!

Let’s face it, younger sisters know everything about you. Even you if you don’t tell them. And younger brothers understand you. So, it means ‘Picture-Perfect’ surprises!

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