7 types of people who get affected by the Internet ban

7 types of people who get affected by Internet ban

In August 2015, Mobile Internet Services were banned in Gujarat for days due to ‘Patidar rally and Aandolan’ resulting chaos in life of people who earn, and owe their life to internet. The same happened again on 17th April, 2016 because of the same reason and resulting the same chaos in the lives of people

There are people, whose life turn upside down because of ‘Internet Ban’, and yes… they ARE angry!

1. Students (Teenagers)

Time stopped, when the internet was banned in Gujarat for the first as well as the second time. Teenagers are angry, because their daily lifestyle was disturbed. They eat, sleep, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Hike, and many other things all day, and none of it works without mobile internet access.

2. Businessmen

In this modern era, business is not just footwork. Everything is just a click away.. and so is business. Businessmen deal with huge money transactions day and night and internet just made it easy for them. How would you feel when someone would snatch a life saving luxury from your hands?

3. Advertising Agencies

Internet ban is done specially to rule out spreading of rumors through social media. Social media communication is a huge part of our lives these days. Social Media Marketing is generally done by Advertising agencies for big companies and celebrities. A day of ‘work-not-done’ results into huge loss for both sides of the deal, i.e. agencies and companies.

4. Doctors

Recently it was found out that during the case of small emergencies, patients and doctors communicate through Whatsapp, which was really convenient until the internet was banned. Who is to answer for this? I don’t even know the options right now!

5. Aam Aadmi

Social Media has made a huge change in the lives of people. Communication was simplified and distance didn’t matter. Well, it does now!

6. Long Distance Love Birds

Yes, people in long distance relationships are suffering the most because of internet ban. Normally communication is done through Whatsapp or Facebook. But if you stay in Gujarat, don’t dare to be in a LDR.

7. Online Cab/Rickshaw Services

Various online cab and rickshaw services work through mobile internet using GPS and online applications for customers. Well, you won’t get a ride for few days!

It’s a genuine request; ‘Reservation’ is an idea in mind of a human. Express your idea, but accept the outcome as well. Aandolans and rallies are not always the answer. No one is opposing you, but because of this, ‘Internet ban’ takes place. Your reasons may be genuine, but think for others too!

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