In conversation with Jainam Shah, founder of CanvasChamp

In conversation with Jainam Shah, founder of CanvasChamp

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Have you always wished for things to be made your way? Do you like to personalize your stuff? Well, the same thought struck to Jainam Shah and he created a platform for everyone who wishes to get personalized products. From being an engineer to joining his father’s business to successfully running e-commerce business in more than four international markets, Jainam Shah shares bits from his journey. Have a look at our conversation with Jainam Shah (founder, CanvasChamp).

Tell us about CanvasChamp.

CanvasChamp is a fast growing worldwide Personalised Home Decor providing company, right from Canvas prints to metal prints to engraved plaques to framed prints and lots of other products. CanvasChamp was built on an idea of not just printing photos but to enable the customers to design their personalized Art Master Pieces. With presence in a lot of international markets (US, AU, CA and Nz), we have over 50,000 satisfied customers with over 15,000 5 stars ratings and more then 95% of them recommending us to their friends. We’ve now decided to venture into Indian Market with an intention to bring the same world class products and customer service for our people.

Tell us about you.

I am an engineering graduate and a true blue 90’s kid brought up in India whilst it was changing. I am an absolute foodie and a compulsive traveller. I have travelled to more then 80 cities worldwide.

What is the story behind CanvasChamp?

CanvasChamp was born out of my love for personalizing items. Right after completing my  Engineering as a true blue Gujju, I joined my dad’s successful print solutions company. With an idea of innovating the existing business model and to tap into ever growing e-commerce market we ventured into creating a model that allows people to truly customize their home decor at a fair price point. With a resounding success in the initial market we launched (US) we ventured into geographical expansions in AU, CA and NZ and saw resounding success there too.

How much time and money did it cost to initiate this venture?

We worked on the whole website for around 4-6 months and launched, but its a continuous process and we are always working on something new for the website.

Tell us about the team behind Canvas Champ.

I am lucky to have an awesome team working with me, my wife is an integral part of the business operations. My father involved in the business brings along with him a whole lot of experience. Apart from that I have an excellent set of young professionals working for CanvasChamp. We have a team of about 100 people right from the developers, printer operators to designers and Canvas curators all with a median age of 28 years.

How are you different from the competitors?

The whole idea of serving all countries and territories with a single huge manufacturing facility gives us a tremendous advantage in terms of the pricing. Also, we have an excellent team for customer service and have a 100% “Love It” guarantee. The quality of your products combined with superior customer service and excellent pricing is what sets us apart.

What challenges are you facing right now?

The key challenges are very similar to running any global business with also an additional challenge of keeping with an ever so fast evolving e-commerce. Its a challenge to understand consumer behavior in so many different countries, but its all very exciting at the end of the day.

What keeps you motivated?

I know working hard to grow my business will allow me to give back to my community. I have always dreamt of creating some disruption and adding value to the industry I am working for. My business model allows me to do both. Plus, it’s heck a lot of fun.

What message would you like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

I’m still learning myself and don’t feel I’m still good enough to advice someone but if I would share one thing that I’ve learned in the course of my journey is that a ship is safest at the port but that’s not what ships are built for. Go out there, take your chances and most importantly enjoy the ride.

What do you think about BuddyBits?

BuddyBits is an excellent e-magazine, with a lot of insightful articles. It’s the one website I spend some time on daily.

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