Why can’t you be good at multi-tasking?

Why can’t you be good at multi-tasking

“The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither” – Confucius

You know you have a lot of things to do. You look at others and you feel you’ve far behind.

You look at the clock and think, “OMG… I need to do tons of things!”

You increase your speed of work and do many things together.

In this world of cut-throat competition and huge expectations from others, others expect us to do multitasking.

You are trying to impress your boss.

You want your colleagues to feel jealous because you are getting more things done.

You actually want to impress yourself!

Here you say, “Yay, See how I can handle 50 things at one time.”

Bad news.

We can never be good at multitasking.

We can not focus on more than one thing at one time.

If we try to do so many things at one time, we can either get nothing done or not of good quality.

How exactly?

Let’s understand this. We receive two million bits of information at one time. But we can (our conscious mind can) focus on only 7 plus or minus 2 things at one time. That’s the limitation of our mind.

That’s unbelievable…

Right now you are reading this, you are focusing on the words you are reading and saying out these words in your head.

But did you notice that one of your arms is heavier than another one?

Did you notice the other sound in the place where you are sitting right now?

You would probably notice now what are the things on the right-hand side of this book/computer if you are reading on a computer.

Can you feel the warmth in your legs and relaxation on your shoulder?

Now, could you notice all those things together now?

Do it.

You now realize that you can’t.

Our senses can pay attention to only 7 plus or minus 2 things at one time. So you did not notice other things consciously.

So, what will happen when you try to do so many things at one time? You can focus on nothing and it drains your energy.

It advisable to you to focus on one thing at one time. That’s how you can do so many things.

Multitasking is a myth because it expects you to do things which are not humanly possible.

By doing many things at one time, you will drain your mental energy.

Ultimately, you will get tired but nothing worthwhile gets done.

It’s not a wise idea to focus on 10-15 things at one time and none gets done. It makes you more frustrated and anxious.

Here’s the tip: It’s good to focus on one task at one time and finish it to the end. It’s easy and it’s workable. Did you notice, I am not asking you to be slow or lazy.

You can actually get more things done when you focus on one thing and keep doing until it’s done.

Decide now: Finish the task at hand or nothing gets done.

I would love to hear your experience.

[Featured photo courtesy: WpCurve]

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Mayur Bardolia
Mayur helps committed people to create powerful results in their personal and professional life. He is known as results coach. He is an international trainer, online educator and an author.

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Why can’t you be good at multi-tasking?

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