Yes, money can buy you happiness!

Yes, money can buy you happiness!

What makes you happy? Going out on a vacation? Having a good meal at some fine restaurant? Adopting a pet? Buying a smartphone? Reading lots of books? Well, most of the things that really make you happy can be only bought with money. Even if you feel helping out someone makes you happy, then think about the charity you do to help underprivileged. The money is involved.

We have grown up listening “Money can’t buy you happiness”, but a recent study by Cambridge university also proves that money can buy you happiness. (Source) There are different kind of people around us. Introverts, ambiverts, extroverts and so on. Source of happiness is different for each person. Some find happiness in going out and partying with friends. Some find happiness in reading while having a cup of coffee. Some find happiness when they explore new places and people. Some find happiness in their pets. Some find happiness in feeding poor. Well, all of these are not possible without money. You will need money to go and party, to purchase books, to travel and for the food to feed poor.

If you don’t believe me, list out 5 things that really make you happy. And then figure out how many of those are actually possible without money. Most of them will need money.

Spending money on yourself is not a bad thing. After all, we all work to make a living which ultimately helps us find happiness. Why do we wish for a bigger home? A better car? Why do we want to travel more and more places and want to read more and more books? Because all of these are making us happy. Most of the things we do in life are not possible without money, and we do these things in life to be happier.

And now as we said, a study done by Cambridge university also finds money can buy you happiness. So, ultimate your goal in life should be to be happy (to make money). 🙂

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