10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

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Now make your Summer vacations worth enjoying with best destinations across India, which offers assortment of places to visit which are pleasant, and sun soaked with luxury and fine beaches, which can rejuvenate one spiritually and mentally. Different choices are there with each destination like Yoga, medication, tea & spice gardens, beautiful Ghats and landscapes.

Gradient of some widespread destinations and attractions will guide and help you choose memorable Summer time with your kith & kins.

1. Ladkah

Ladakh - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Ladkah has been rated as one of the best destinations and attractions for Summer. Situated in the North of India with high altitude is an apt place for trekking and other sport activities. Flora & fauna and the Tibetan food including soups and noodles, what more could we ask for?

2. Sikkim

Sikkim - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

One of the best mystical places that one can find with beautiful mountains, rivers and zigzag river crossings are the land of Sikkim situated in the north of India. Sikkim is a land covered with beautiful monasteries all around with Buddhist culture, food including Thupka and tasty Momos and beautiful waterfalls, orchid gardens. The place is worth visiting as the beauty of Sikkim is tremendous.

3. Coorg

Coorg - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Coorg a valley full of green lush hills and valleys is one of the most opulent destinations to visit during Summer. Luxuriant beauty, salubrious weather and has lovely hill stations. It has recreation centers, blooming coffee plantations, trekking and foods which has Cinnamon scented Cakes and other mouth watering delicious food items worth savoring.

4. Manali

Manali - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Manali is a popular destination for holidays during Summer. It includes all kinds of sport adventures like paragliding, trekking etc. With traditional dishes which include Kadi Chawal, Red Rice and all Spicy food with specialties like River Trout.

5. Adanman & Nicobar Island

Andaman and Nicobar - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

The best Summer destination with chilling beach waters, cool refreshments, tropical forests and marine treasures to discover for people. It consists of 52 islands beautiful wild life and Stone Age culture which is worth seeing.

6. Kashmir

Kashmir - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Kashmir is undoubtedly, the most popular destination with different paradises and sight seeings and other sports activities. It comprises of famous Mughal gardens, valleys and greenery, apple and walnut gardens. The air is pristine and the water is crystal clean. Food specialties include Biryani and other traditional Kashmiri dishes.

7. Rishikesh

Rishikesh - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Rishikesh is a beautiful spiritual place situated in the Uttarkhand. Its specialties include Yoga, meditation, and Maharishi’s Yogis. Sports includes bungee jumping and mountain hiking. It is quite exciting place for thrillers with beautiful scenic to discover.

8. Tawang

Tawang - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is a place perfect for Summer adventure and spirituality. With major orchid sanctuary as special attractions, Tawang is popular because of its high altitude of sea level. It also has 14th century Tawang dynasty monastery worth seeing & beautiful lakes.

9. Ooty

Ooty - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Ooty is an ideal destination for Summer holidays. Ooty offers visual enchantment of sweet cottages;compact fenced flower gardens, lush surroundings, churches and botanical gardens.

10. Shimla

Shimla - 10 Best Indian Places To Visit During Summer

Shimla, again is one of the best options for Summer destinations as it offers snow peaks like wool and dash of snow during summer’s adventures. Beautiful valleys and peaks with luxurious hotels.

Hope you are visiting one of these places this Summer. Shoot your feedback/ suggestions in comments below and stay tuned to BuddyBits for more stories from India and around the world.

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