10 Reasons why we love Donna Paulsen

10 Reasons why we love Donna Paulsen

She’s Donna, first of all her name, Donna of House Paulsen, Queen of ‘Pearson Specter Litt’, Glue that sticks everything together, Guardian of the Calendar Appointments for Harvey, Helper of every friend in need, Keeper of Relationships and Flipper of Coins. We love her for who she is, those who don’t love or know her yet, here’s why you should:

#01 The Office is her own personal runway.

It’s not hard to notice the way she walks around the office. She’s sexy and confident. She walks the way that everyone is watching her… so move away people, Donna is coming!

#02 Always a step ahead.

Donna is always a step ahead from Harvey, Mike, Jessica, Louis, Hardman, Rachel, Huntley.. Everyone. All the sharp legal minds surrounding her can never match Donna!

#03 Her epic one liners.

‘Can I get you anything? Tissue, Glass of Water, Tampons?’

‘I am too busy being a badass.. and worrying about my hair’

#04 The way she introduces herself.

She is Donna, She knows everything… and that’s how everyone knows Donna Paulsen. Even the way she introduces herself is epic.

#05 She is never afraid to drop a little tough love.

Remember the time when harvey was working for the DA’s Office, and Donna made him understand why he should leave, and then he and Donna actually left.. that was the outcome of Donna’s tough love.

#06 Never afraid to take someone down a peg.

Whenever someone if flying high in the sky, and needs to be pulled down to earth… Donna perfectly knows how to do it, Especially Harvey!

#07 She knows Everything.

She knows who, how, when and what a person did and the date and time as well. She knows how to make friends as much as she knows herself.

#08 Her Dramatic Entrance.

Remember the time when Harvey re-hired Donna after all the ‘Hardman Bulls*it’, the way Donna walked into the office like she was the only woman a man could see, and then she fired the temporary secretary, I watched that scene again and again and again!

#09 She tells it the way it is.

‘You don’t have my sympathies for being so damn stupid”

#10 She never resists on giving easy compliments.

She knows ‘Every man wants a Donna in his life, and every woman wants to be Donna’ But no one can be Donna other than Donna herself. So she never forgets to satisfy people by giving easy compliments.

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10 Reasons why we love Donna Paulsen

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