10 Reasons why we love Harvey Specter

10 Reasons why we love Harvey Specter

The droolworthy and oh-so-handsome Harvey Specter from the TV sitcom Suits has proved that there can be indeed, a perfect package when it comes to men. No need for settling, women and girls alike, Harvey Specter is here. Here are the 10 best reasons why we just cannot stop gushing over him:

1. He is the best closer there ever is.

Reasons why we love Harvey Specter

In the Pilot episode of Suits, we see the boss lady texting Harvey “I need you”, and when he arrives, she introduces him as, “This is Harvey Specter. He is our best closer.” Do we need any more confirmation?

2. His quotes.

Reasons we love Harvey Specter

“I don’t play the odds. I play the man.”.

“Ever loved someone so much, you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.”

“I don’t have dreams. I have goals.”

Can’t pick a favorite? Just love them all!

3. His relationship with Mike.

Reasons to love Harvey Specter

He might not be caring to many, but the people he loves, he loves fiercely. Although it is hard not to get intimidated or in awe of Harvey, Mike stood his ground and gained not only respect, but also a friend and more in Harvey. Spoilers aside, Harvey readily agreed to risk his integrity the day he hired Mike. And when problems came upon them, he stuck to his stand.

4. The Harvey-Donna relationship.

Reasons to love Harvey Specter

Will they? Won’t they? The makers of Suits have kept us hanging since four seasons for the same, and we are still not complaining because of the occasional flirting between them. We totally ship Darvey!

5. His style of dressing.

Reasons to love Harvey Specter

From perfectly tailored three-pieced suits in his wardrobe (which Mike borrows sometimes) to the impeccable way he carries himself, from the hair-gel (we love it!) to his tuxedos, we would love to get a peek in his entire wardrobe sometime.

6. His power-play with Jessica Pearson.

Reasons to love Harvey Specter

Even though she’s the boss, Harvey knows he’s the best and is not afraid to be cocky or brag in front of her. He is also very honest when it comes to expressing himself in front of her- after all, she did save him and helped him become who he is, now.

7. His love-hate relationship with Louis Litt.

Reasons why we love Harvey Specter

Litt admired him. Litt wanted to be his friend. Harvey was his friend. Then he hated him. Then he understood him. Then he amended the bonds.

Reasons to love Harvey Specter

More than just co-workers, Harvey, with his slight act of pulling Litt’s leg on every occasion, does seem to have an interesting relationship with this man.

8. His integrity

Reasons to love Harvey Specter

Keeping your nose clean at the top of the best law firm in New York is not an easy task- but Harvey always manages to keep his ideals at the top, and doesn’t accept anything shady or immoral.

9. The way he’s an ass.

Reasons why we love Harvey Specter

“It’s not bragging if it’s true!” Anyone who has seen the series knows he’s cocky, pain-in-the-ass, but a lovable co-worker. But that doesn’t stop his from spreading sass everywhere he goes.

10. The chink in his Armour.

Reasons why we love Harvey Specter

(Spoiler alert!) At the end of the fourth season, we see Harvey getting consultation for his problems- we finally see the damaged, broken person beneath that guarded shield. And if anything, it just made him more resistible.

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