10 Reasons Why You are Still Single!

10 Reasons Why You are Still Single!

1. Still waiting for that perfect one.

One of the Reasons why you may be still lingering alone would be the fact that you must be waiting for that one perfect to come. You don’t feel it easily for anyone. You are still the old school student when it comes to love. Strong Believer that Universe would bring your true Soul mate to you.

2. Love being in Free Air, Loves being a Free Bird.

One of the core reasons could be that you are still single is that you love the breath of fresh air around. You wish to fly and explore the world without any baggage. You don’t need another Soul to keep you enlightened. You eat the bread of freedom every day. Freedom gives you a reason to live. Anyone trying to tamper with your independence makes you feels annoyed. You believe in YOLO (you only LIVE once).

3. You are an indisputable Social Bee.

You are one of those who is a social beast. You are always on your toes when it comes to parties, gatherings, hangouts. You never give it a miss. Being among Folks boosts your self-confidence. You are crowd lover. Being a relationship, you would never enjoy this kind of pleasure.

4. Soreness of Previous Relationship

Sometimes it becomes difficult to come out of the cracks of love that you experienced in the past. You were an avid lover, but things didn’t work the way you wanted. Love went on a toss and now it becomes difficult for you to get back to those broken strings. You suffer from Philophobia.It becomes difficult for you to again entrust any person with same conviction so you prefer being single. You are more of a belief that LOVE happens only once

5. You like flirting, you like playing, but you don’t like loving.

You are a hard core Casanova. You prefer to fling with many but you rush far off from COMMITMENT. Love is an easy flow for you. It changes its direction with every season. You can fall on any day with anyone. For you Love doesn’t bind to one soul. Your YOLO is you only LIVE once.

6. You are damn stern about your life, No time for Lovey Dovey stuff.

You are a go-getter. You strive for success and want to climb the stairs of accomplishments. You were a scholar in School, a champ in College, an achiever in whatever task you take up. You have a heart which only beats when there is a challenge; you have a soul which only feels competencies. You develop a high grid about your work. You are just a true Workaholic. Companionship would help to achieve your dreams.

7. You have Feelings but you conceal them always.

There are chances that you are a hush lover. You love but you but you don’t dare. You fear. You feel love day in and day out but you guard your true feelings. Sometimes you don’t wish to lose the friendship and sometimes you know that you would never possess that person. So the best possible way for you is to love deep within without letting anyone ever know it.

8. You prefer being Aloof. You believe no one would understand you better than yourself.

You are a loner. You feel detached with everything around. Worldly pleasures don’t allure you. You want peace with yourself. Spending evenings watching movies or listening to some soothing music makes you feel happier. You are in search of some universe within you; in search of true meaning of life. You are happily single and not ready to mingle.

9. Strongly believe that your family will arrange for you.

You are typical Family guy. You believe that your parent and family know what is best for you. You usually go with their opinion. You never question their judgments. You believe that love should not only bind two souls but it should bind Family ties. You don’t take individual decisions. You consider collective decisions as a perfect call for your life.

10. You are too demanding. You have a long list of Wants and Wishes.

You are one of the most dissatisfied souls on this earth. You want a good looking, Super Smarty, Beauty with Brains, Money with Honey types. Your demands start with A and ends with Z. You wish a bundle of Qualities in the opposite sex. You want the person to do every possible way to keep you happy. Your never ending demands may sometimes land you on a Not-So-Happily Single Island.

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Asha Kumar
Asha is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.

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10 Reasons Why You are Still Single!

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