10 things you’ll only understand if you have a Younger Sibling!

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10 things you'll only understand if you have a Younger Sibling!

1. They always get the better firsts.

Their first phone is a costlier one than what you currently have. Their first pocket money was WAY MORE than what you got back in those times.

2. There is no first mover advantage.

Do not come out first. It’s a trap.

3. You always have to understand as they’re your little brother/ sister.

Every parents say that to their elder child… Why us?

4. You have to get married first.

If you’re of marriageable age, the aunties cannot stop reminding you of this… Aakhir doosre ki bhi to shaadi karni hai!

5. They can always manipulate your parents better.

And manage to get the stuff you’ve always wanted to have!

6. The swell of pride when you get to teach them stuff.

Firstly, it is only then that your sibling actually admits that he/she needs help from you… Also, you get to flaunt your knowledge and maybe even boss them around for a while!

7. You cannot do wrong things as you do not want to set a wrong example for them (this only applies to things that they know about).

Your parents constantly remind you about it. But no harm in doing wrong when they don’t know about it, right?

8. They know all about your secret goof-ups.

Your embarrassing moments, relationships, encounters- they’ve seen them all.

9. They’re your second set of parents.

They’re bossy, they remind you what’s right, and are sometimes more mature than you (though you would never admit that to their face)

10. Admit it, even you love to pamper them!

And wouldn’t know what you’d do without them

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