A Letter to my Secret Love

A Letter to my Secret Love

Dear Secret Love,

I never thought that this feel would be so strong! The first day I saw you in the premises of the college, you were much of a Monkey boy who would jump around here and there, befriending everyone, wanted to be the ‘MOST FAMOUS MUNDA’ around. I wanted to smack your face then. I got busy making my own world then. I saw girls going GAGA over your charm. I used to get irked with it I pondered what you really such thing that people treated you like a PRINCE. You were everyone’s favorite. The Faculty loved you; your team mates consulted you each time they did something. You were becoming very famous then. But you never existed for me. My ultimate aim then was ‘TO GIVE YOU ROYAL IGNORANCE’ whenever we crossed our paths. I would deny your very presence around me. I hated to see into your eyes. You were on the top of the ‘MOST IRRITATING GUY’ around. Time passed. For the first year we didn’t have anything common. No common friend, No common practices, No common interest. It was all well. But Destiny and Time had some other plans. Time placed us at common destinations; Destiny brought us to perform some common work. I still didn’t like you. My feelings for you were same. I must admit it was hard to ignore you. Your prowess was impeccable. You thought beyond edges. Impressive! I started considering you as SMART. It was just a metaphor for you. Still my feelings were ‘NO’. You smiled, I bashed. You were friendly, I was cranky. You were always good to me irrespective of I being always callous.Things didn’t click initially. But you had a charm. A charm to turn frenzy person to a gushy. I started to see into your eyes. They were unadulterated ones. Your words were filled with wisdom. I saw you different. My heart saw you differently. You were nice, good to everyone. Sometimes I thought why people loved you so immensely? The answer was straight there. You were like a true soul. A guy with lot of endurance. You had everything. You were there for everyone. People turned up to you for help. I saw the other side of me, the softer one. It appeared only when you were around. Days were passing by, Couldn’t catch hold of the time. With each passing day felt like spending more time listening to your views about life. Yes wanted to hear how you saw life, wanted to feel the things the way you did. Didn’t know whether this was going right or wrong, but something was going deep within.

College got over. I thought the feelings would get over. But it didn’t happen so. I was lost in my new world with the reminiscences of our time spent together. I saw every day the photos that had us both. We weren’t alone anytime (we would meet in groups only). But we understood each other’s mind among the crowd too. Months passed. Jobs begin. People building their careers. Folks planned for a re-union. I was stuck somewhere, but left coming just to have a small strong glimpse of you. I was delighted to see you. We didn’t talk too much. Few days passed we all met again and again. Happiest moments of my life. I didn’t wish to give a single miss to any of the hangouts. I don’t know why I felt so different. You touched life in a very different way. Slowly the gang meetings ceased. I didn’t have the courage to get to you. I prayed every night that you may meet me some day all alone. Time kept evolving. You got busy, I kept waiting, but the feelings were not fading. Future prospects were been shown by family. My soul doesn’t permit anyone except you. I prayed god to give strength so that I can walk up to you and speak. Speak those unspoken hidden thoughts that I hid from the whole world. Time is passing ‘LOVE’, I still don’t have the courage to call you up or speak to you in remote. I urge each night to myself to build that strength. May be I will never gather the courage. In future I may leave the place, maybe I will leave the city, and maybe I will leave you forever. But remember my LOVE; you were special, very special to my heart in every way. Those jitters were exceptional whenever I saw you. I wish to be with you forever, May be I am not that LUCKY one. I just wish to see who would be that Lucky girl. That girl whom you would give a true meaning to live life. However it is truly said that a Women’s heart is like an ocean full of deep secrets. Mine is the same. No one should ever know that I LOVED YOU SO MUCH. May be not even you. But this love is exceptionally special.

Yours hush-hush love

Asha Kumar
Asha has completed her Engineering in the field of I.T. and now pursuing M.B.A. from Somlalit Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). She is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "I become the Alice from Alice in Wonderland when I start writing. It takes me to a different horizon. There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.