Are self-help books really helping you?

Are self-help books really helping you

When you go to a book shop or a book fair, self-help books are the top-selling segment of books. It’s too easy to read and it motivates people to succeed. Reading a book is a great habit. Learning is a continuous process. You should update yourself as often as you can. If you are not updated, you will be outdated.

There is a word of caution. Some people love to read self-help books and attend seminars/ workshops, they become seminar junkies. They become addicted to self-help content.

I met someone who claimed to have read 70 self-help books. He said that he has the best information in his head collected from best sellers from all over the world. He is always in search of the next best self-help book.

When I asked him brutally, “What have you done with all those books? What are you going to do with what you know?” He was offended because he wasn’t expecting this question.

The question is: “What results have you got with what you know so far?”

If you didn’t get your desired results than the information and knowledge is no good for you. Most of the time, the knowledge and information are pure gold, but people never bother to implement.

There are hundreds of great authors who shared great knowledge but the reader just want to feel great rather than want to get the great result.

In the name of ‘self-development’, people do ‘shelf-development’.

They proudly present their shelf, cupboard etc. to others and seek for appreciation for KEEPING those books. Their knowledge and the results they get mostly contradict.

When you have knowledge but you don’t implement, it drains your energy. Some people just read 2-3 books and implement immediately and create massive success. While some just increase the numbers of book he has finished.

Seeking for motivation from the book is one thing and getting addicted to motivation is a different thing. People usually get addicted to the kick of motivation. They jump from one book to another.

Most of the self-help books on the market today just help people suffer in comfort. It makes people lazy instead of being proactive because they are fantasized with words. They can’t live without those words.

Instead being committed to implement, they go back to get external motivation.

Implementation attracts motivation.

It’s good to read self-help books but it’s equally important to help yourself. Use the books. Don’t get addicted to the books.

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Mayur Bardolia
Mayur helps committed people to create powerful results in their personal and professional life. He is known as results coach. He is an international trainer, online educator and an author.

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