Between feminism and male chauvinism, where’s equality?

Between feminism and male chauvinism, where’s equality

A weighing balance will show both its sides on equal level, only when it has equal weights on either of its sides. Same is the mechanism of this world. Till the day feminazis don’t stop asking for women rights that’d hamper human rights; till the day male chauvinists don’t quit their prejudiced orthodox perceptions over women, there won’t be any existence of gender equality. Because it’s ‘gender equality’, not ‘who’s species is dominant’. It is a wrong notion if people think that it’s just women who face inferiority complex and discrimination. For that wrong notion is pretty evident by the reservations feminazis grabbed on governmental levels for females. The males do face a lot of atrocities on the basis of their gender; it’s just that there isn’t anyone who fights for their rights. But there are many whose chauvinistic behavior suppresses other genders. In the hunger for superiority, the groups of people have forgotten that what they initially strived for was ‘equality.’

Aforementioned words described the problems; following words will describe the solution.

Break stereotypes. Why can’t a female pay the bill when they’re out in a duo of male and female? Why can’t males get their deserving seats in specific fields, which are basically held for a female? Unfair is when they’re restricted to do something which they are eligible to.

Quit judging. Both the groups never fail to judge one another for petty reasons. Feminazis judge every other male to be a rapist because of the horrifying instances that had taken place. And male chauvinists judge the character of females by the length of their skirts. Not even your own group, but rather judge yourself to be the kind of human you want to see in your as well as your fellow human beings.

A country which makes the highest optimum utilization of its human and natural resources is what we call as a developed country. Pretty evident why India isn’t called one yet. It has been exploiting its human resources on gender basis since the British stopped exploiting them on nationality basis, and left.

Our leaders swore under the tryst of destiny on the stroke of midnight of 14th August 1947, to make the dreamed and desired India come into existence, where only justice, equality and fraternity prevails.

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