Here is how we can make Education System better!

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Here is how we can make Education System better!

School and College systems have implemented and discarded various ‘Education Systems’ in our growing years. Not a single system was considered as the PERFECT Education System. The Current Education System includes Semesters, and with each Semester comes great responsibility, burden, exam fever, and loads of vacations (consider this one as a plus point). But is this really working? What do you learn in school that will help you have a job (except English Vocabulary), is finding x in Mathematics going to help you if you wish to become a doctor? Is Biology going to help you, if you wish to become a Literature Professor?

To be true, No! Education system should make a quite advanced change which includes preparing children at an early age and help them develop a field of interest. A single teacher can’t teach all the subjects so how can people expect a single child to learn all of them? The only solution is to make the core syllabus more accurate and to the point. The main aim of examinations should be to figure out the main interest and knowledge of the child. If the child scores 100/100 in Computer Subject and 35/100 in Mathematics, then it is pretty obvious that he needs to be pushed towards the field of his interest i.e. Computers.

Accuracy at School level eases things for children at College Level. They know what they are getting into and why they love it. The College Syllabus is divided into semesters, and each semester contains 7 different subjects. Some subjects have relation to the subjects of the previous semester, some are absolutely new. Well, focusing on one subject at a time can be considered a good thing but n number of semesters brings n number of Board / University Examinations. A better idea would be, introducing various subjects to the student in the first year, allowing them to choose their field in the second year (Which currently takes place as well) but prioritize the final two years just for practical purpose. Only 1 year can be dedicated to theory with practical, but giving them company training in their college days, which will amplify the student’s interest and also, the college afterlife will become immensely easy.

The main point that should be taken into consideration is ‘More Practical, Limited Theory’. Educate a child today, you will get the actual results after 20 or 30 years when he/she is the one who feeds the family and is the pillar of the house. Education decides whether the pillar is strong or weak. Try your best to make the system more and more perfect, which would make the child more clear and focused and his/her future more accurate.

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