How I almost got robbed by a Debit Card Scammer!

How I almost got robbed by a Debit Card Scammer!

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Recently, I got a call from a private number (8677807791). Person on the other side told me that he is calling from SBI (State Bank of India) and my debit card has been blocked. He asked me if I want to keep using my card. I said yes. He said he will unblock my card, needs to confirm few details. He then asked to verify my debit card number. The card number he said was the exact number of my card.

SBI Debit Card Fraud AhmedabadHe then asked me for the CVV code. I argued once, but then I gave the CVV code. He then asked for the OTP (one time password) I had received on my phone. I denied to give the OTP. He said if you won’t give me OTP, 5000 rupees charge will get deducted from your account. I cut the call. He called me six times.

He wasn’t trying to unblock my card. He was actually trying to stole 5000 rupees from my account. He had my debit card number. There’s a possibility of a scam going on. It is possible that he has more debit card numbers. And he might call other people like me. He couldn’t steal from me, but there’s a possibility that he might get successful next time. Through the medium of BuddyBits, I would like to warn you guys. NO ONE from the bank EVER asks for the CVV or OTP. Whenever you get a call asking for CVV or OTP, disconnect the call, block the number and report about it if possible.

What steps did I take?

I went to the police station to register a complaint in hope to save others from falling into the trap. They asked me to go to crime branch. People in crime branch asked me to go to the Cyber cell. In short, they all kept me directing to other departments instead of registering a complaint. What more can a girl do?

Finally, I contacted BuddyBits. So that we can reach to more people and can make people aware about such scam.

– A girl from Ahmedabad

(The author has asked us to keep her identity anonymous. We respect privacy of the author.)

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