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In conversation with Priya Malik

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Bold, witty and opinionated Priya Malik debuted on television with the eleventh season of Australian reality show Big Brother. After securing fourth position on the show, this Indian chick debuted on Indian television with the Indian version of same show, Bigg Boss and won hearts with her power-packed personality on the show. From being a teacher to doing stand-up comedy to participating on shows like Big Brother and Bigg Boss, Priya Malik shares bits from her journey with BuddyBits. Have a look at our conversation with her.

How did you get into Big Brother?

There was a ‘nominate a mate’ option for the show and I apparently got nominated. To this date I am unaware as to who really nominated me. But I got a mail saying I have been nominated and they have liked what they have known about me so far.

I laughed it off as it was a running joke in my friends group that if I ever do Bigg Boss/ Big Brother, it would be interesting to see me. I was a high school teacher at that time. Then my contract was about to go half time and I got yet another mail from the production team. I told my husband and he said what’s the worst that can happen. So, I applied and got Super Pass, meaning I reached to the final stage of the audition and entered in the show.

I am a huge believer of destiny, so I rolled with it.

How was your experience in the house of Big Brother?

It wasn’t as dramatic as the Bigg Boss house. But it was interesting in terms of group dynamics and strategy. I also learnt a great deal about myself on the show.

You almost reached the finale. Were you expecting it?

Not at all. Not until the second last eviction. I had a lot against me. I wasn’t the stereotypical Aussie chick. I was married, Indian, etc. But I did get a lot of dedicated Aussie fan following. They call themselves Pristians.

What did you do after Big Brother? Did your appearance on the show help you career wise?

Stand up Comedian Priya MalikI taught casually, decided not to do a contract because I was unsure if my heart was completely into it and I didn’t want to be unfair to my students. I did get a great push in my stand-up comedy career and yes, of course, it is only because of Big Brother that I got on Bigg Boss.

How did Bigg Boss happen?

Big Brother and Bigg Boss are produced by the same production house, Endemol. So when I contacted them, they had heard of me already. I got through the right people and they made it happen.

Though a lot of people watch Bigg Boss, everyone criticizes the show. What do you think?

Kuch toh log kahenge. Logo ka kaam hai kehna. I find it an ultimate social experiment, that’s the fascinating bit.

So how was your experience in Bigg Boss?

Dramatic. It was an emotional journey. Physically and mentally straining although I have made some good friends, especially Rishabh.

Did Bigg Boss change anything in your life?

Career, for one. Massive amount of recognition, popularity. And a strong fan base in India.

What are you doing right now?

Did a show with ABP News and have a few projects in pipeline. Might visit Australia for a few weeks too as I’ve missed my hubby and my baby puppy so much. I was just waiting to settle a bit here before visiting, now seems like the right time.

What are your future plans?

Working in the television industry and maybe offbeat cinema as I’m a huge fan of parallel cinema. Also, in the process of writing a book, which should materialize soon. The next two years are all about work, the year after that is for popping babies. 🙂

Have you ever been depressed in life?

Yes. Very much so. Melancholy is a character trait for me. I go through depressive cycles but the fact that I’m aware of them helps me cope with it. Also, helps with writing so I have tried to be constructive with it rather than destructive.

What should people do when they are depressed?

Try to understand why you are depressed. Knowing the root cause will help you eliminate it but if you re like me and there is no specific reason as such, understand the signs and help yourself cope. You know yourself the best. And, always remember, this too shall pass. 🙂

Rapid Fire Round

Favorite book? Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Favorite movie genre? Psychological Thrillers

Favorite Hindi movie? Devdas and Guide

Favorite English movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The best actor/ actress? Ranveer Singh

If given a chance, which bollywood director would you like to work with? Vishal Bhardwaj or Anurag Kashyap

Favorite Food? Indian. Mutton Rogan Josh.

Your views on Indian masala films? They are needed for respite.

Bold or smart? Bold

Favorite Bigg Boss contestant apart from Rishabh? Kishwer

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