Meet Anjana Malik, girl who paints with her leg!

Meet Anjana Malik, girl who paints with her leg!

On our last trip to Rishikesh, we came across a girl. From first glance, she looked like just another street seller. But when we visited her, we were stunned to know that she was selling paintings she has drawn with her leg! Yes, Anjana Malik has an extremely rare disorder called Acheiropodia. She was born without hands. We were curious, we wanted to know about her. So we interviewed her.

Anjana says she started painting this year. She used to write ‘Ram’ (Hindu God) with her leg. One day, a female foreigner came and asked her to draw. Anjana said she cannot draw. The lady drew a peacock and taught her how to draw it. She also taught her how to draw ‘Ganesha’ (Hindu God). That is how Anjana started painting with her leg.

Anjana is one of the two children of her parents. She has a brother. Sadly, even his brother is suffering from paralysis. Anjana is the only one in the family who earns. She draws paintings with her leg and sells them on the streets of Rishikesh. And her family is completely dependent Anjana’s earning. Localites pay 50, 100 or 200 rupees for the painting. The maximum she has got for any painting is 2500 rupees, which was bought by a foreigner.

Anjana has a dream of opening her own shop. She wants to sell her paintings through this shop. We salute to the spirit of Anjana Malik. We wish someday she actually opens up a shop and sells her paintings around the world.

Would you help Anjana?

We have decided to help Anjana through BuddyBits. If you want to contribute anything to build Anjana’s dream, you can write an email on titled “Anjana’s Dream” and we would help you connect and contribute to Anjana Malik.

Story by: Aishwarya Jain, Chantel

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