[Poem] The Woman

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[Poem] The Woman

The Refulgence
In the Pepsi Isle of blues;
It’s sweating high.
Tear beads shower upon the dry river
When manipulative sceptres glow.

Raped thoughts vibrates, while
Ornamental pageantry stages..
Costumes fades- grey shades;
Four walls echoes, reverberations..

Vigorous temptations sprays,
Forgetting someone’s hailing dreams.
A slum in shits and spits
Votes for their humanGods..

Still..the Refulgence glimpses
Among the worms in the wounds..
Women shares a cry with her womb,
When vultures waits for the next…

The cloud collages a canvas slip,
Colors hides the snowy feelings .
But hopes for the rainbows n dews,
Flowing gently through the waves of life..

– Haritha Unni

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