Thank you mom!

Thank you mom - Anushree Pacheriwal

This is not any open letter.

Thank you mom- Anushree Pacheriwal Four and half months of my marriage and people ask me how is the feeling after getting married. I answer them “It’s the same.”. Today someone asked me “Why is it the same? Life of girls change after marriage.”. I proudly answered him “It’s because my Mother-In-Law is my Mother”.

The way I used to do mistakes before marriage, I do them here too. And my new mother scolds me the same way my mother used to. Sometimes when I miss home, she hugs me tightly and says “I understand”. Sometimes when I fight the entire night with my husband and wake up late, I go down to her and she says “I understand”. When I am too much loaded with work and cant help her, I feel bad but she just says “I understand”.

For all these times when you have understood me Mom, I really want to say something to you. “Mom, I understand that today if I am able to manage office, home and challenges it’s only because I have you who understands me more than anyone else does here.”

Thank you Mom!

– Anushree Pacheriwal

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